Beware Bogus Body Temperature Cameras

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We are now moving away from full lockdown and into a staggered return to work, with that in mind employers and companies are looking for ways to provide the safest possible environments for staff to operate within.

As ever though, there will always be companies and individuals who look to profit from public health issues, and during the rise and spread of COVID-19 is no different. Companies are looking for quick routes to market whilst the economy is in lockdown and unfortunately, the flavour of the month seems to be the proliferation of Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Cameras. The use of these cameras is and of itself a wonderful invention, however, there is now a constant stream of these types of products flooding the market from all around the world.

If you or your company is looking to procure a system such as this then there are several things to take into consideration, the main one being that the system should have the CE mark.

This means that the system has been critically evaluated and, most importantly, works.

Your system needs to be rigorously tested before it can be deployed, to manage such an important function. Many cases are now coming online where companies have bought bogus, non tested, systems and these inevitably are producing inconsistent results or, in the more blatant cases, totally inaccurate readings.

The danger to public health around the mis-selling of this type of equipment is incalculable and frankly verging on the criminal. Simply emblazoning a company logo onto a cheap bit of kit from the far east and repackaging it as your own product is irresponsible in the extreme.

There are companies out there who have reputable and fully tested products which will provide consistent results that don’t put the public at risk, just be sure to do your due diligence prior to purchasing.

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