On-site security within the construction industry is becoming increasingly important. With more large-scale developments scheduled to be built – from increased housing to HS2 – security for construction sites shouldn’t be overlooked. If a construction site’s security is inadequate or improperly managed, the lives of workers and the public could be put at risk.

The safe running of your project – and your business’ reputation – depends on how effectively you can mitigate potential threats to security and health and safety. With so many potential hazards, an efficient construction site security plan should be in place to protect your staff, your project and your business.

Why Do You Need a Construction Site Security Plan?

While running your project, a thorough health and safety risk assessment should be completed, outlining all potential hazards associated with working on the site. From trips and falls to the use of plant and other equipment, all risks need to be considered to meet the standards of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If your project fails to meet these standards, it may be put on pause or even shut down until health and safety requirements are met, costing you money and causing avoidable delays to the completion of your project.

Running parallel to this should be your site’s security plan. This should outline how you plan to mitigate security risks associated with running a construction project. A basic construction security plan will outline the following areas:

Each of these factors are building blocks to a safer site; securing your site’s perimeter, ensuring the safety of anyone working on the project and protecting members of the public.

Why Is CCTV Important for Construction Site Security?

With the latest innovative technology, surveillance provides a strong deterrent to anyone thinking about gaining unauthorised access to your site. From potential criminals to protestors and other members of the public, if they see that your site is being protected by cameras that can identify them committing an offence, they’ll think twice about trying to gain entry.

Plant theft has been rapidly increasing since the onset of COVID-19, following the closure of multiple sites. With a lack of security, thieves are capitalising on opportunities to steal expensive machinery and equipment. This could cost your business thousands in insurance claims and set your project back weeks. The implementation of suitable site protection could be the difference between the success or failure of your project.

Surveillance will also allow you to see that your staff are undertaking their work responsibly and all the machinery on-site is being used only by licensed professionals. Misuse of plant and equipment could lead to serious injury, which could result in legal claims — posing a serious threat to your site and your business.

Should Your Construction Site Use a Keyholding Service?

CCTV can be used to monitor your site while it is not in use. However, if a problem should arise while nobody is on-site – during the night or while the site is under temporary closure – who would be responsible for resolving the issue? Keyholding services will manage your site’s security remotely so that you don’t have to worry about late-night call-outs should there be an issue. Experienced professionals can be deployed to your site’s location to undertake inspections and handle any security issues before they become a larger problem.

Does Your Project Need Security Officers?

Security officers licensed by the Security Industry Association (or SIA) are trained to handle all kinds of potential security issues. From unauthorised access and security breaches to emergency response, qualified security officers will ensure the safety of your site at all hours of the day.

Traffic Management Solutions for Construction Sites

Your employees’ safety should be a priority at all times, including their movements on and off the site. An effective traffic management solution will ensure that moving vehicles don’t present a hazard to people working on your project or members of the public driving past your site. If there’s a lack of control over traffic, people can be put at risk by heavy machinery using unmarked entries and exits to your site, as well as the effect that sites can have on pedestrianised zones.

Conclusion: Effectively Planning Your Construction Site Security

There’s a lot to consider when planning your site’s security. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work without the added stress of security breaches, potential theft or other dangers to your staff and the public. With adequate planning, the right technology and competent personnel, your site’s security needn’t be a concern.

Solutions to your site’s security don’t have to cost the earth. Call 0345 88 88 333 and speak with our friendly and professional team today to see how we can help you protect your business and your employees. With bespoke construction security plans and the latest technology, we can implement comprehensive solutions to give you peace of mind.