CCTV Poles

CCTV Camera Poles are one of Prime Secures most popular options for protecting construction sites. Providing an imposing deterrent, our CCTV Camera Poles provide 24/7 protection for a property from potential intruders or vandals.


Prime Secure Systems Ltd t/a Prime Secure holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services.

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CCTV Poles

Construction Sites have a lot to worry about; the British Construction Industry has been estimated to lose £800 million every year because of theft and vandalism. This makes effective security systems vital for any site.

Prime Secures CCTV Poles are a market leader when it comes to security camera systems and manned guarding. CCTV Poles feature a total of five cameras mounted on a 7m telescopic mast. This is not only an imposing sight (which is often enough to scare off vandals and criminals) but provides it a 360°-degree field of view (with a detection range of 40m) which will quickly pick any suspicious behaviour.

CCTV Poles have become a popular option for a variety of security measures, including use in not only construction sites, but on motorways and car parks.
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CCTV Cameras Features

Prime Secure has ensured that its CCTV Camera Pole systems are equipped with everything they need to meet the market and customers’ requirements. These are only a few of the full range of features offered by Prime Secures Camera Systems.

Part of ensuring our CCTV Cameras is effective has been equipping them with a wide range of different features to ensure they are the most effective system available.

Extensive Field of View

The 360°-degree field of view provided by the camera mounting and range of view ensures that any intruder will be quickly detected.

A Superb Deterrent

Even on ground level, a Prime Secure CCTV Pole stands at 7 metres. This distinct outline of the cameras mounting, and pole is alone enough to encourage many potential criminals to avoid a property entirely, since it alerts them to the danger of being detected and recorded – which can result in a prosecution.

Sturdy, Dependable Structure

Our CCTV Towers are heavy duty systems designed with resistance to tampering and sabotage, as well as to deal with the rough environment that can be presented by a construction site. This ruggedness and versatility mean the CCTV towers can be easily set up in places often not suited for other heavy duty security systems. This saves time, effort, and money on.

24/7 Observation and Monitoring

CCTV Poles feature 24/7 recording of the site. This is a fantastic feature, since it means you will be able to know everything that happens on the property. In the worst-case scenario, any crime or theft occurs, you will have footage vital for a prosecution. Remote monitoring ensures a team of experts are constantly keeping an eye on your property. If anything, suspicious is detected, they can quickly alert the police or manned guarding services, ensuring a quick response. Another benefit is that you can freely access the camera feed of your tower at any time. Not only does this allow you to check in on the safety of your construction site, no matter where you may be, but you can also check in on your employees and see how they are doing with work as well.

Easy to Install and Move

Unlike ‘wired’ or fixed CCTV Systems, CCTV Poles do not require the same kind of demanding set up. There isn’t need for pre-existing infrastructure for camera mounting, and with options for eco towers which use solar panels, it’s even possible to cut down on the need for generators and other cumbersome power systems which necessitate the use of cables and wiring which are required for a ‘fixed’ system.

CCTV Poles are built to be mobile. The changing nature of a construction site means there’s often a need to move CCTV equipment around. For standard systems and other types of fixed camera mounting, this can be a great deal of effort, and cost time as well – but with CCTV poles this is an issue of the past.


One of the biggest innovations that Prime Secure has made with its CCTV Poles is the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence allows for the Camera Systems to learn from their environment, making it incredibly good at spotting any potentially suspicious activity while also avoiding any potential ‘human error’. There is also the benefit of ‘digital tripwires’, creating special zones of protection for a site. An alert will be issued if the tripwire is activated.

Prime Secure

Prime Secure has worked hard to build up a reputation as an innovator of CCTV Camera Systems and as a market leader in security technology.

Prime Secure has 25 years of experience as an industry leader when it comes to supplying the best European Closed Circuit Television systems on the market, not to mention the manufacture and installation of other advanced security technology and camera mounting systems.

The Prime Secure have a wealth of professional experience in the installation of CCTV Poles and other systems, as well as a wide range of expertise in knowing how to make the best use of them to protect your property. Our team is fully SIA approved contractor, ensuring every member is properly equipped to provide expert services.
This means when you go with Prime Secure, you won’t just get a quick installation, but you’ll get expert advice on how best to use your new CCTV Poles and other systems. We offer full export documentation from our dedication export division, as well as supporting design documentation – as we manufacture our own equipment in house. We also provide a quick delivery service, ensuring you get your CCTV Poles as soon as possible. We work closely with all our clients to ensure they get the best possible service.

Prime Secure has provided its service to clients all over the UK, including clients in both England and Scotland.

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