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Gatemen play an important role in construction projects, manning the main entrance and checking that anyone attempting to enter the site is authorised to do so and is wearing the required PPE to do so safely.
A Gateman is essentially the guardian of your site, controlling entry and exit to the development and recording this activity for reference when required.

The benefit of controlling access into and out of a construction site is important due to the high-value nature of the equipment and materials contained within, not to mention the fact that building sites can be dangerous places, especially to an individual not authorised to be there or sufficiently trained to navigate the site safely.

Construction is an expensive business and the financial implications of a site being closed due to an injury or the damage to or theft of equipment or materials can be significant, so a gateman can help ensure the site continues to operate safely and on schedule.

As well as controlling access to sites, gatemen also keep detailed records of all who enter and leave the site, helping to quickly settle any disputes with suppliers over exactly where and when materials or personnel are delivered.

There are many more duties that a gateman can perform if required and we go into some of these tasks elsewhere on this page, or get in touch on 0348 88 88 333, or by clicking the button below to message us, and we’ll be happy to provide more information or discuss exactly what a gateman can do for your construction site.

Conducting Security Inspections & Greeting Visitors

A gateman will greet visitors and employees as they enter the site. Employees can often show their access cards and sign in. Gatemen inspect customers’ or visitors’ bags for unauthorised items and log in the details of each of them into the system.

Logging Duties

A gateman is responsible for entering the details of visitors and customers on the system. They also sign for deliveries and make sure they are correct.

Monitoring Traffic at the Gate

A gateman opens the gate for vehicles entering and exiting the site. The gateman will control the traffic flow where there is large traffic involved. They also direct the visitors to ideal parking spots to enable streamlined movement around the entrance and exit.

Patrolling the Site

Gatemen regularly patrol premises and inspect for signs of intrusions or forced entry. Regular patrols help with the identification of unprotected areas to strengthen security. A gateman who works night ensures that the alarms are working, and all doors are locked.

Creating Reports

A gateman must write reports at the end of their shift. This report includes day-to-day activities and security issues such as damage to property or equipment, theft, and the presence of unauthorised people.

Reporting Incidents and Handling Emergencies

A gateman must attend to alarms and investigate unusual activities. When there is a criminal offence or robbery attempt, the gateman is required to inform the authorities and emergency services. They are also required to adhere to company policies while handling these incidents. For example, if a fire breaks out, a gateman guides people to safety and informs the fire department.

Assisting Logistics

Depending on the nature of the business, a gateman will assist with the trades on site, such as deliveries of goods and liaise with staff for the planning of logistics. They ensure that the deliveries are correct.

Site Health & Safety Training

Sites often have health and safety training. A gateman oversees and supervises this when required. They also check and issue security passes and PPE when needed so that visitors always wear appropriate safety uniforms. Gatemen help the client in maintaining the relevant safety standards.

Monitoring & Responding to Alarms

A gateman is responsible for regularly monitoring the alarm systems in place and taking immediate actions if they are triggered for maximum protection.

General Site Management and Maintenance

A gateman will oversee the general management of the site. This includes maintenance and helping with the work on the site when required.

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