We don’t just lead the market; we made the market.

Prime Secure’s vision introduced technology to the construction manned guarding market. We’ve been innovating for over 25 years and boast market-leading CCTV technology.

V360 Analytic CCTV Tower Cut Out


V360 Analytic CCTV Tower

360° Auto-tracking Cameras

PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) CCTV cameras provide 360-degree continuous HD video monitoring, meaning intruders are identified early and tracked until responders arrive.

5G Ready Data Transmission

Fast and secure transmission to our ACS Accredited monitoring station for a rapid response.

Low Light Technology

Ultra low light technology uses the ambient light from the moon to generate clear CCTV images at night, maximising safety even on the darkest nights.

Audio Alerts

Voice box with pre-recorded alert to warn and scare off intruders.

7m Telescopic Mast

Unrivalled full range coverage with infrared technology equipment and providing a highly visible deterrent to intruders.

IP Rated Component Box

IP (Ingress Protection) rated housing with slide-out tray for easy component access.

65m Range

For unrivalled CCTV coverage and maximum security.

Intelligent Analytics

Minimises false alarms and unwanted activation.

Remote Access

Allows rapid adjustment to your mobile CCTV tower from any location.

50/60 Frames Per Second Video

Ideal for recording clear images and video.

4k Video Recording

Save videos in ultra-sharp quality to maximise security.

Intrusion Detection

To identify perimeter breaches.

4Tb Hard Drive

Storage is not a problem.

Smart App

Check the CCTV camera at your site at any time with our mobile alarm monitoring solution.

Virtual Tripwires

Ensure that key areas are protected with virtual tripwires.


Comprehensive rapid deployment CCTV coverage from a market leading, ACS Accredited, SIA Approved Contractor, with technology that is certified by the Police as Secured by Design.


Our V360 Analytic rapid deployment CCTV Tower, affectionately known as 'Big Orange', offers unrivalled coverage, boasts a range of high-tech features, and can be rapidly deployed in the most challenging of environments.


With its technologically advanced system, our Analytic mobile CCTV Tower is perfect for high-risk construction projects where rapid action is vital to avoid theft, vandalism, and all forms of intrusion.

Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera sits atop the extendable 7m pole and is capable of continuous recording through 360 degrees. Once a target has been identified, the PTZ camera automatically tracks the subject, keeping the intruder in frame, allowing our ACS Accredited monitoring team to accurately inform you and the police where the intruder is at any time. Your smart app will also let you access the footage while your response protocols are initiated. The PTZ camera’s tracking action can be triggered manually, or by pre-set, defined conditions. Once one of the triggering conditions has been met, the camera springs into action and locks on to the subject, recording the entire time.

Ultra Low Light Technology

As most intrusions occur at night when work has ceased, low light technology is essential to the reliability of mobile CCTV for the construction industry. Our monitoring cameras aren’t just fitted with low light technology, they’re fitted with ultra low light technology, offering best-in-class light sensitivity capable of capturing colour details in light as low as 0.005 lux. A full moon on a clear night produces about 0.27 lux, and a quarter moon-lit night produces about 0.01 lux, meaning that our V360 mobile CCTV towers produce clear footage and images in dark environments, effectively eliminating the risk of intruders avoiding detection at night.

Virtual Tripwires

Our Analytic CCTV Towers allow virtual tripwires to be placed anywhere within view. This feature allows key areas to be effectively protected and audio and visual warnings are initiated in the event an intrusion is detected, all while we initiate the agreed upon protocols to best suit your site and property. These virtual tripwires can be remotely accessed and rapidly redeployed to ensure your project maintains full security coverage as your development progresses.

Smart Viewing App

Check in on your site and employees from any location in the world with a phone or tablet using our app, suitable for both apple and android.

The ultimate remote CCTV monitoring tool, mobile observation lets you check on the progress of infrastructure projects, vacant properties, and inaccessible locations from afar.

Extendable Range

Each Analytic mobile CCTV Tower can have its standard range augmented by the addition of connected, static cameras. These additional units are wired to your tower and allow coverage to be extended or maintained as your project progresses.

Eco Tower Option

Our solar-powered Analytic mobile CCTV Towers allow the use of effective CCTV, without the need to run a generator during the day to charge up the battery, allowing your tower to operate at night and deliver the performance it was designed for. Our V360 Eco Tower allows companies and sites that don’t have a generator or mains power to still utilise our market-leading rapid deployment CCTV towers and is cheaper and more convenient than running a generator especially for temporary monitoring.

Why protect a construction site?

Each year the construction industry in the UK is victim to approximately £800 million of losses thanks to vandalism and theft, according to a report from insurers Allianz Cornhill. Their study shows that these huge losses are derived mostly from the costs of hiring replacement items, replacing those same items, business lost as a result, and increases in premiums from insurance companies. Theft – The Chartered Institute of Building’s 2016 study on Crime in the Construction Industry reports that, of the 1,100 professionals surveyed from the construction sector, 21% had suffered theft the week they were surveyed. If that wasn’t bad enough, a massive 92% reported that they suffered from theft on an annual basis, with many experiencing it on a weekly or monthly basis! Vandalism – Reported in the same CIOB study, 91% of participants surveyed stated that they had been the victims of vandalism. Fences and locks may put off the casual intruder, but to deter hardened criminals and prevent serious damage, a mobile CCTV Tower is essential.

Who uses our CCTV towers?

Our Analytic CCTV Towers have been deployed in a wide range of construction sites, redevelopment sites, and car parks. Typical clients include construction companies, housebuilders, housing associations, builders, local authorities, and more. Clients are often looking for an alternative to traditional mains powered systems and expensive manned guarding services.

If you are unsure if your site could benefit from a remote monitoring CCTV tower, get in touch today to arrange a site survey. We will help you find the perfect cost effective security solution for your needs.



As you’d expect from the company that launched the construction CCTV market over 20 years ago, our tech is market-leading, packed full of fancy features, and capable of delivering unrivalled security for your construction site.


On top of FREE site surveys and quotes, we conduct maintenance inspections, and our managers visit your site regularly to ensure your security set-up continues to provide effective protection.

A Prime Secure Service Manager and Engineer(s) will visit your site to oversee the installation and configuration of your CCTV Tower and ensure it is operating perfectly. Prime Secure has an in-house Engineering department. We don’t just sell tower, we make them! One of our highly trained and experienced engineers will attend your site to install your V360 CCTV Tower. Our engineers’ intimate knowledge of our own product means your rapid deployment CCTV Tower will be installed and fully operational in just a matter of minutes. We understand construction sites are fluid environments and that each one has its own unique challenges. Having engineers that know our products inside out means there is little chance of any problems arising. We never need to call in the experts. We are the experts!

Post-Install Inspection

Once installed, we will stay in regular contact, conducting visits to ensure your mobile CCTV Tower is fully powered and optimally configured for your site. If needed, we will conduct any required maintenance on out CCTV towers to avoid compromising site security. We aim to conduct our visits within 10 working days after your tower is installed.

Quarterly Site Visit

A Service Manager will visit each quarter to assess the mobile CCTV Tower’s setup and to ensure current deployment still fits the needs based on how the project develops, they will also provide more information on any additional equipment needs or potential configuration changes.

Milestone Visits

We can agree site visits at predetermined milestones of your project if our standard quarterly visits alone are not sufficient.

Incident Response

In the event of an incident, we have a designated team who will attend site to carry out any necessary investigation and will inspect the CCTV Tower to ensure everything continues to run smoothly post-event.

Rapid Response

Our nationwide fleet of rapid deployment CCTV Towers and Engineers means we can inspect, adjust or upgrade your system easily and quickly.

Additional Services

We also offer the following services to better help you improve your construction site security:

FREE Site Surveys & Quotes

Contact Prime Secure’s dedicated support team today to help you protect your construction site. Our experienced professionals can quickly assess your site’s security requirements and provide a comprehensive plan for coverage and a detailed quote, all free of charge.

Supporting organisations, people and families who need it most in every community we work in.


Supporting organisations, people and families who need it most in every community we work in.

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