Create safer, happier & more prosperous communities which continue to grow and thrive.

Reduce instances of anti-social behaviour and criminality in communities by providing a highly visible deterrent and engaging with local residents as they perform their duties.

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Create safer, happier & more prosperous communities which continue to grow and thrive.
Reduce instances of anti-social behaviour and criminality in communities by providing a highly visible deterrent and engaging with local residents as they perform their duties.

Prime Secure Community Patrols provide a flexible service that responds to the needs of the communities they serve. We work with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to deter anti-social behaviour, littering etc., and act as a deterrent against crime.

We also help to reassure the public that Prime Secure is doing all it can to keep communities safe and secure whilst working beside local authorities, helping to foster a better community spirit.

We are also big on Community Engagement, Education & Improvement, more of which can be read in the section on our different services on this page.

We measure the work we do against our organisational aims and objectives. In fulfilling our responsibilities for the welfare and efficiency of the community we will:

  • Maintain exemplary standards of conduct, integrity,
    and professionalism.
  • Act in the interests of partners and the public, seeking
    to build public confidence in local authorities.
  • Focus on crime prevention through education.
  • Gather and recording information.
  • Host presentations for communities and organisations.
  • Attend community meetings and raise issues from
    the public and businesses.
  • Create an environment that encourages communities
    to work together and help make communities safer.



Our Community Patrol Security Officers are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, vetted to BS7858 standard, and adhere to the following British Standards: BS7499:2013 (Static Guard and Mobile Patrol Service), BS7984-1:2016 (Key Holding and Response Service). We are also members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

The BSIA’s mission is to support members and encourage excellence; educate the marketplace
on the value of quality and professional security, and create an environment in which our members can flourish.


Training and development are key to the success of our Community Patrol Teams. Training will consist of many different methods such as computer-based workshops to interactive role play courses. Training will be tailored to local community needs. All Community Patrol Security Officers undergo the following basic training:

  • First Aid
  • Fire Marshall
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity
  • Crowd control management
  • Anti-terrorism

Local Authorities

Prime Secure provides a range of security systems and personnel to local authority clients during the construction process, most commonly on social housing projects.

Our Community Patrol service was developed specifically following discussions with these bodies about creating safer, happier, and more prosperous communities once construction has been completed.

We understand that no two communities are the same, and tailor a bespoke service for each client. We have a range of services available, and are always happy to discuss the particular challenges of your development.


Community Engagement

Our Community Patrol teams engage with residents, listening to their concerns about the area, and their building:

  • Provide help and support.
  • Receive reports of damage or other issues to report to property managers.
  • Improve feelings of safety, and therefore happiness, within the community.

Community Education

We work with local schools and community organisations to provide seminars and presentations about the issues affecting an area. 

Our experienced security officers have found that educating residents, especially children, on the dangers and effects on communities of certain behaviours helps reduce the number of anti-social incidents in an area. 

We have had particular success in troubled areas of Edinburgh, reducing such incidents by over 80%.

Get in touch on 0345 88 88 333 to chat about how we could help your community become safer and happier.

Community Improvement

Feelings of safety and pride in a community are dragged down by the likes of damage, graffiti, exposed wires, criminality, anti-social behaviour etc.

Some of these issues can be remedied, to some degree, by a large Police presence. This though is expensive, unsustainable and, while issues of criminality may be reduced, a strong Police presence makes residents feel their community is a dangerous place and feelings of wellbeing and safety plummet.

A Community Patrol from Prime Secure costs much less than a Police presence, yet improves every metric mentioned here. We believe a Community Patrol is the best solution for a safer, happier community.

Anti-social Activity

The presence of Security Officers on-site acts as a physical and visual deterrent and our officers are trained in conflict management, so they can often resolve instances of anti-social behaviour without the need to involve the authorities. Where this is not possible, they will act as a conduit to liaise with emergency services and escalate the situation.

Repair Reporting

During their patrols, our Community Patrol Security Officers will note any defects in the facilities management structure and report to the agreed chain to enable a swift response to any issues. If the issue presents a significant health & safety threat, this will be escalated immediately to the relevant agencies, with the area taped off until the issue is resolved.

We document and report damage, disrepair and dangerous situations. We can check that specific windows, doors or other access points during our patrols.

Fly Tipping

Prime Secure’s Community Patrol can pay particular attention to any areas prone to fly tipping. Our security officers engage with offenders, explaining the problems it can cause, and attempting to foster a better community spirit.

If engagement fails then, as one of the UK’s most accredited security companies, we can help with CCTV cameras with A.I. capabilities like low light technology and auto-tracking, all monitored by our in-house monitoring station. 

Our cameras can record clear, colour images, even at night, allowing the Police to become involved and prosecute offenders.

Fire Safety Patrols

During the patrols of the site, the security officer is required to be conscious of the threat of fire in high rise properties, especially in light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower and potentially at Canary Wharf in 2021.

Our security officers have been trained to look for any signs of smoke, heat and fire during their patrols. If detected, they will raise the alarm immediately and contact the emergency services. The security officer will then evacuate the building in line with the site’s fire evacuation plan.

Concierge Service

A uniformed security guard who will sit front-of-house and provide the following services:

  • Check people trying to enter the building to ensure they are authorised to gain access.
  • Monitor the CCTV system.
  • Respond to queries and concerns from residents.
  • Patrol the building and nearby areas.
  • All residents have a direct line to our concierge staff so someone is always on hand should an incident
    occur. This is especially important in instances
    of domestic abuse, where a victim may not wish to call the Police, especially as they may not arrive immediately.

Chaperone Service

Our concierge staff, in addition to their normal duties, can be contacted by residents to chaperone individuals from the car park to their door.

Residents will all be issued with contact numbers for their Community Patrol teams, so they can always get in touch, ahead of arriving in the car park, to alert the Community Patrol Security Officers that they would like to use the chaperone service.

Whether it’s late at night, or an individual feels vulnerable, Prime Secure can help your residents feel safer and better protected.


With Prime Secure’s Community Patrol teams, a whole host of time-consuming activities and responsibilities is placed on our shoulders, and not yours:

  • We are responsible for ensuring staff are always present and organising replacements where necessary.
  • We can reduce your admin as our Community Patrol teams are our employees so you don’t have to worry about holidays, wages, and everything else that comes with employing people.

Mobile Vehicles

Highly visible, branded patrol vehicles can regularly patrol your site, either remaining in their vehicle or getting out to conduct foot patrols around a pre-agreed route. During this route, they can conduct a series of documented checks, specifically tailored to your site and concerns.


Mobile Community Patrol Security Officers can:


  • Patrol indoor or outdoor routes.
  • Provide rapid response should an incident occur.
  • Provide a Priority Police Response thanks to Prime Secure’s approved status.
  • Record details of anything suspicious (vehicles abandoned, hanging around, fly-tipping etc.)
  • Engage with the residents so improve understanding of how anti-social behaviour can negatively affect a community.
  • Provide a highly visible deterrent to criminals.
  • Provide improved peace of mind and pride to residents about their community.

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