We’ve been securing
construction sites
for over 25 years.

We offer a wide range of temporary and permanent fencing and hoarding, as well as access gates and turnstiles. 

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Fencing and hoarding are integral parts of a security and access control solution for construction sites, developments, and temporary sites such as Covid-19 testing facilities.

At Prime Secure, we provide security guards and other security personnel, CCTV, access control systems and more. All these security solutions are somewhat undermined if you do not have an effective security perimeter in place, to begin with.

There is no single correct kind of fencing. Different sites have different requirements, but our years of experience have identified the two main options that most customers consider – fencing and hoarding. We can custom-build anything you have in mind, so get in touch for a quote if you have particular specifications in mind, otherwise read on and see which solution suits your project best.

Remember, we can convert from temporary to permanent so we can easily adjust your perimeter as your development progresses, before adding foundations and making your final layout a permanent perimeter.

Our security fencing is manufactured to British Standard BS 1722-14, featuring 5mm horizontal and vertical wire structure. It also complies with BS EN 1991 for wind loading over 100mph and TWf 2001 for temporary works. Also known as Herras Fencing, the design is robust and uses an anti-climb design.

Security hoarding is an excellent way of securing a site while limiting what can be seen outside the perimeter. The solid nature of hoarding also lends itself to branding for your company or project.

We can custom build your security hoarding to any height you like but, most commonly, are produced between 2.4 and 3m in height. Our security hoarding complies with BS EN 1991 for wind loading and TWf 2001 for temporary works.

Our hoarding is made from a recycled thermoplastic composite and can be installed with dug-in foundations for a permanent solution or our innovative foundation-free system. Temporary or permanent, the choice is yours.

We can convert temporary fencing and hoarding to permanent at any time, ideal if you know your project will change over time but will eventually require a set boundary. You don't even have to decide at the outset; that's the beauty of our temporary and permanent fencing.

Fencing or hoarding is only part of an access control solution, as usually access is required to any areas protected by fencing or hoarding. We can install gates and turnstiles to help you better control access to your property or site.

While a gate or turnstile is a form of access control, it's not a patch on our tech-based solutions. Prime Secure can provide fingerprint readers, facial recognition, thermal cameras, and more to help you ensure only authorised individuals gain access to your site.

Our nationwide coverage and in-house engineering department mean we can rapidly deploy security fencing and hoarding quickly.

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