Rid your property
of garden waste
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Prime Secure helps property owners and managers deal with overgrown vegetation and garden waste, UK-wide.


Garden waste and excess vegetation can quickly overwhelm properties, especially vacant ones. Any property can be overrun by nature, with bushes, trees and plants rapidly taking over. 

An overgrown property is a signal to potential squatters and vandals that it is not regularly tended and is an invitation for unwanted activity. The presence of squatters, thieves, or vandals can result in damage far more costly to remedy than periodically managing the property’s outdoor areas.

Spend Now, Save Later

Neglecting the exterior of a property and allowing it to become overgrown can result in the issues detailed above. Each of these costs money to treat the problem, so why not head these problems off at the pass by organising regular maintenance. Maintaining the exterior of your property is significantly cheaper than ignoring the issue and then dealing with the resultant problems.

Call Prime Secure now on 0345 88 88 333 and start getting your outdoor area under control.

Problem Pests

Overgrown sites are ideal breeding grounds for unwanted pest animals like rats and other vermin. If problem pests are allowed to make a site their home, it can be costly to treat the problem effectively, not to mention the health risks associated with their presence on a site.


Properties with overgrown vegetation are a magnet for fly-tippers. Any site which is considered neglected and unattended is a prime site for illegal fly-tipping. With no tenants around and an already dishevelled exterior, overgrown properties are deemed ideal for illicit dumping.

Read more out our fly-tipping clearance services here.

Japanese Knotweed

The UK is now home to one of the world’s most invasive plants, Japanese Knotweed, also known as Fallopia Japonica. Any property or site left unattended for even a short period is likely to fall prey to this unrelenting plant. Japanese Knotweed is spread by airborne and animal transmission, which helps explain why it is so invasive. Japanese Knotweed is famed for being able to grow as much as three inches each day.

Prime Secure is experienced in both treating and removing Japanese Knotwood. This species is considered so invasive that it is a criminal offence in the UK to knowingly plant or act in a way that causes the plant to spread.

Legally, Japanese Knotweed must not be dealt with in the same fashion as other garden waste. Removal of Japanese Knotweed requires an appropriately licenced contractor. Prime Secure are certified and experienced in dealing with this problem plant so contact us today for an efficient and licenced service.

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