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An effective Keyholding & Alarm Response is essential in minimising the loss and damage that can occur should an intrusion occur.


Security systems and alarms are essential in keeping your void property secure but, should an incident occur, effective protocols must be initiated immediately. The longer it takes for your void property to be attended in the event of an intrusion, the greater the risk of damage or theft occurring.

We provide keyholding and alarm response services to void properties throughout the UK. Our round the clock service ensures your site is in the safe hands of SIA licensed security personnel and a professional keyholding service ensures that pre-agreed and effective protocols are initiated in the event of an intrusion to your premises.

With Prime Secure’s keyholding service your keys will be kept safe, secure and readily available to our experienced and highly-trained security officers who will spring into action as soon as an issue is detected.

Once an incident has been detected at your void property, our security officers will be immediately deployed to your site. With our UK wide coverage, you’re never far from a Prime Secure security officer. No matter the time or location, we will have experienced personnel on-site as soon as possible. Once on-site our security officers will initiate pre-agreed protocols and thoroughly investigate your site to identify the source of the alarm activation and act accordingly.

Why use a keyholding service

There are many reasons to take advantage of Prime Secure’s keyholding service. Our operatives are SIA licensed and having an effective keyholding service in place can help to reduce your insurance premiums, not to mention the more obvious benefits of ensuring that your emergency protocols are correctly carried out and that risk to your staff from attending a potential ongoing incident.


Let Prime Secure handle your emergency and minimise your risk of theft and damage by ensuring highly trained and experienced security officers are immediately deployed to your premises the moment an intrusion occurs to your void property.

Prime Secure keyholders

Our keyholding security officers are extensively trained, SIA licensed and undergo a rigorous development program to ensure the quality of the Prime Secure keyholding service.

You can read more about our staff development initiatives here.

Incident response

Our seasoned security officers are SIA licensed and trained in dealing with incidents where intruders may still be on site. We also work with you to agree on a set of protocols and procedures that are initiated the moment our security team arrive on-site following the detection of an intrusion. Their actions will be specifically designed for your property.

How quickly can our keyholders respond?

With UK wide coverage we have keyholding security officers that can respond quickly to any intrusion detected on your construction site. Our national reach means we don’t subcontract out work to local companies and your site will only be attended by experienced and extensively trained Prime Secure keyholders.

Using keyholders as keyholders

Some property owners or managers opt to nominate a member of staff as designated keyholder. Considering the cost of keyholding is typically around £1 a day this option saves little money and when you consider the downsides of this option, is very much a false economy.


In our experience, the likelihood of an employee providing the same level of service as a qualified keyholder is remote and, given the harm intruders can cause to a property, any failure to do the following can result in significant loss of money and time while your premises is returned to normal.

Opening & closing

One of the main responsibilities keyholding involves is opening and closing the property, or locking and unlocking the property. Upon opening up the premises, the keyholder should inspect the property, deactivate the security system and switch on lights. When closing the property, it is the keyholder’s responsibility to do the same process in reverse, activating the security system and ensuring the premises is secure and locked.

Protecting your keys

Keyholding, naturally, will involve the protection of the keys 24 hours a day. They will also need to know the security code(s) for the alarm(s) and the keyholder must keep this information in the same place as the keys. If you contract Prime Secure to take on the keyholding role, you can be assured that protecting the keys will be dealt with professionally and securely at all times.

Emergency contact

As they can reset the alarm system, keyholders are often entrusted to be an emergency contact for the local police or a private security firm that monitors the property. This must be taken into consideration when selecting the right person for a keyholding position. They must be available, responsible and practical.

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