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Prime Secure is your local provider of bespoke security systems, specialising in the professional installation of CCTV and alarm systems, and the provision of highly trained security guards.


Prime Secure Systems Ltd t/a Prime Secure holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services.

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Why is vacant property security needed?

With local offices across the country and over 25 years experience in the security industry, we offer all our clients the same ultra-efficient emergency response and monitoring services.

Whether it is a home security system or an extensive security system covering an entire commercial site, no job is too big or too small for our security specialists to handle.
If you are looking for competitively priced security services in your area from a nationally renowned professional security company, contact Prime Secure today.


Prime Secure are one of the UK’s leading providers of CCTV systems.

CCTV is a critical part of any security system as it allows you or your security staff to monitor your entire site at one time and identify any ongoing incidents that occur.

A CCTV system is a highly effective visual deterrent to potential intruders whose last wish is to be recorded in the act, and most criminals will always look to target properties without any visible security protection.

V360 Analytic CCTV Tower PTZ camera close-up
If a crime does occur, footage gained via a high quality Prime Secure CCTV camera can be vital in the police identifying and locating the culprit, and video surveillance is often the key evidence in a court case. Every client has different security needs, and we have the variety of different CCTV systems to match, installing anything from home security cameras that can be monitored via a smart home app on your mobile phone, to integrated large-scale commercial systems observed 24/7 by a trained team of security guards. We also offer a range of market leading mobile CCTV towers that can be placed on construction sites or other remote locations when no mains electricity is present. .

Alarm systems

A primed and operational alarm system is a key component of any security system.

As a security industry leader, we offer an unrivalled alarm monitoring service to a range of commercial customers.

Should a security breach be detected on your property by the experts at our alarm receiving centre, a team of SIA accredited security officers will instantly be deployed to your site to deal with any ongoing situations, secure the site, and reset the alarm system in the case of false alarms.

In a home security system, burglar alarms should be installed high up on the property to avoid tampering, but within clear sight of the road to act as a visual deterrent.

If you are unsure about the best location for a burglar alarm then you should get in touch with the highly recommended professionals at Prime Secure, who will be delighted to advise.

Security Guards

Despite huge advancements in security technology, manned guarding is still at the heart of the security industry.

A security guard presence on your property will reassure staff, deter criminals, and help to keep the site safe and secure at all times.

All our staff undertake extensive training in access control, conflict resolution, surveillance, and a range of other services and will act in a highly professional manner whilst on site.

We make sure all our staff are trained to use CCTV and alarm monitoring as part of their routine patrols, with those in the control centre directing boots on the ground to key areas in order to ensure a rapid guard response to any incidents that take place. There are a huge variety of different roles you can designate to your professional security guards from concierge duties, to routine patrols or crowd management.

Our guards will also have regular contact with emergency services so should an incident escalate, they will quickly contact the police and monitor the situation until they arrive, keeping staff and visitors away from danger.

Similarly in the case of fire alarms your security officers will evacuate the building and inform the fire service of the situation once they arrive.

Dog Security

K9 security is increasingly popular in the UK for a number of very good reasons, and Prime Secure have an excellend range of dog unite.
Dogs offer the following advantages that make them excellent security assets:

Enhanced Senses

Does have an incredible sense of smell and hearing meaning they can do the work of many human security guards in the same period of time.

By detecting intruders from a distance dogs can alert their handlers to potential incidents, much earlier than would otherwise by possible, giving them a crucial advantage.

Dogs can also use their excellent sense of smell to detect various contraband items making them invaluable to the police and other public sector groups.
Search dogs can be used to detect the following items (and many more):
  • Narcotics
  • Money
  • Explosives
  • Gunpowder

Catching Intruders

Dogs are highly athletic and combined with their ability to track a human through scent alone they make formidable foes for intruders.

Once a guard dog is on the trail of a trespasser they will almost always be able to track them down and given that our k9s have a top speed of around 30mph escape is extremely unlikely.

Our dogs are also very strong and are trained to detain intruders and keep them secure until their handlers or the police are in attendance.

Cost Effective

As mentioned, dogs do the job of at least several human security guards at once.

This means that you will reduce the number of human staff you need to employ, whilst also saving further money thanks to the theft and property damage these units will help prevent.

Security Services

Every commercial company requires security of one kind or another, with the requirements of those in each industry varying significantly.
Some of the security services that we provide most frequently to local companies across the UK include:

Hotel Security

Hotels are busy high traffic places that require an expert eye to keep track of those going in and out.

All our staff are trained to spot suspicious behaviour from a distance even in a crowd and will quickly act if they suspect a guest or their possessions may be at risk.

Concierge Security

Many of our commercial customers wish for their security to man the front desk of their business, managing access control, directing visitors, taking bookings, and completing a range of other concierge services.

Given that security staff are often the first thing that a guest or customer sees when they enter your site, it is essential that they make a good impression.

For this reason, all are staff are personable, approachable, and friendly to members of the public, all whilst presenting a formidable image to potential intruders.

Construction Security

Construction sites are prime targets for criminals, with expensive equipment, materials, and vehicles left on the premises overnight.

We provide a custom security package for our construction clients combining manned guarding, mobile patrols, and mobile CCTV towers to keep the site secure at all times.
Construction Security Guard patrolling site
Prime Secure vehicle towing CCTV Tower


Keyholding involves delegating out of hours alarm response to an individual or security firm, who will use a set of keys to access your site in the case that a security breach is detected.

By using Prime Secure for your keyholding services, you will ensure that your staff are not put at risk, and those attending possibly dangerous situations are prepared and trained to resolve them.

Once the problem has been resolved we will check all entry points for signs of forced entry and make sure the site is secure before leaving.

Contact Prime Secure

From CCTV to guard dogs, Prime Secure is your one stop shop for bespoke security solutions anywhere in the UK. For more information on any of the local security services that we offer contact us today on 0345 88 88 333, or by email at info@prime-secure.co.uk.

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