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Searching For Manned Guarding services in Altrincham? Is your Altrincham Building and construction Website in need of a extremely trained and certified staff to protect from vandals? Are you searching for Security Guards to guarantee your space property is protected from intruders? Are you in need of qualified security guards who can fit into your existing company without issue?

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Prime Secure Manned Security Altrincham

Prime Secure has for over 25 years provided Security Guard Solutions and to clients in the City of Altrincham. Our numerous manned safeguarding services are provided 24 hr, and we offer them to a wide variety of customers. Prime Secure have safeguarded everything from Space Structures to Building Websites, all throughout the Altrincham location. At Prime Secure, we concentrate on guaranteeing our Security Guards supply service that matches the specific requirements of our clients. Prime Secure is among the premier security companies in Altrincham and the UK. We have over 25 years of providing security services to a large range of different customers. To get a FREE consultation on our Manned Security Guarding services, call us at 0345 88 88 333 or email us at

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About Our Security Officers

Our Security Officers and Security guards are fully professional. Our Manned Guarding service members are,
Thoroughly and completely Vetted: To guarantee our manned Security Solutions are suitable, they are put through vigorous and thorough recruitment plan. To guarantee they fulfill the requirements of the British Security Market, they are also completely vetted.
Highly Trained: To guarantee our Manned Guarding Solutions satisfy our high requirements, we offer substantial training.
SIA Accredited: Prime Secure is a Security Industry Authority Licensed company and guarantees its staff go through the courses and training regimes provided by the SIA to ensure they fulfill the proper national requirements for Security Guard Solutions.
Extremely Experienced: Even more important to Prime Secure is the experience our Guards bring. With over 25 years of serving clients in the Altrincham location, the Prime Secure group has an extensive degree of experience in providing security.
Prime Secure has established a strong reputation in the Security Industry as a tech focussed innovator but we have actually always seen manned protecting services as a crucial security procedure. Security Guards will guarantee your property receives outstanding security.

What Security Services do we offer?

In its Altrincham responsibilities, Prime Secure has mainly offered services in three locations; Construcion, Corporate and Space.

Manned Guarding

Construction Manned Guarding Why is it essential you ensure your Building Website receives professional Manned Guarding services? Theft and vandalism costs the Building Industry a minimum of ₤ 800 million every year. The costs of replacing or fixing broken equipment, and the increasing premiums from insurance companies, can quickly build up. Standard techniques – such as alerting signs and fencing – can refrain from doing a lot more than momentarily delay wrongdoers and are practically guaranteed to stop working. Security Guards go a long way to ensure the security and security of your building and construction website. Manned Security is able to,
  • Offer consistent surveillance
  • Guarantee all security records are up to date
  • Respond and manage any occurrences that happen – implying you nor your staff members are ever forced to deal with difficult incidents
  • Work as both people or as a team
  • Supply canine patrols when needed
construction security Altrincham
On website Security Guards can be a very visible presence. Numerous would be trespassers will be hindered by the existence of uniformed security personal, and in most cases the hiring of security guards has assisted to lower rates of regional criminal activity events. Prime Secure identifies that each building and construction website has its own requirements and will carry out a complete evaluation prior to developing a correct strategy of technique. In need of manned security for your Altrincham Construction Website? Call us today at 0345 88 88 333.

Void Property
Manned Guarding

By marking your property as Space you can conserve considerable finances on utilities. Without utilities, many standard security systems become unviable as options..

Void Properties as such are frequently especially vulnerable to theft, vandalism and squatting. Void Properties are regularly targeted by both squatters and burglars. Vandalism regularly occurs alongside both theft and squatting. All of these will require you to spend considerable quantity of money on repairs.

At Prime Secure, our Manned Guarding Service is aimed at ensuring your property remains safe from such concerns. Our Manned Solutions can,

Carefully monitor your property

Track any incidents that do happen and keep in-depth logs and records

Offer a quick reaction to any incidents

Prime Secures void property security guard group are totally SIA accredited. Additionally, they are completely uniformed, wonderfully trained and geared up with innovative brand-new reporting technology to ensure fast interaction.

Manned Guarding

At Prime Secure we have actually provided Security Guards to a wide range of Altrincham buisnesses and services. Our guards are fully SIA certified, and have actually underwent an extensive vetting programme and training program to guarantee they can offer you with professional services. At Prime Secure, the goal of our service is Manned Security which suits your specific business requirements.

Prime Secures method when it concerns Corporate Guarding is to assess the security needs of your service and examine what would be the most effective method by our Manned Security Services. We will take into account your particular security concerns while we start to execute our manned security services.

Prime Secure have provided Manned Guarding Security Service to a vast array of different sectors. Ultimately all of these share one significant benefit; when it comes to any occurrences, our experienced specialists can react quickly, conserving you or your personnel from having to manage any potentially difficult situations.

Corporate locations we have provided services to consist of,

Retail Security

Retail is a common target for lawbreakers, and manned guarding services are an outstanding and versatile way to handle these concerns. Our manned security personnel are trained to either fit effortlessly into your existing organization structure or serve as a more apparent, unique presence.

Office Security

An workplace manned guarding service can offer your office environment a strong complacency and make any visitors feel more secure. Prime Secures manned protecting services are fully trained in customer support and can fit completely well into your existing team, with a solid rapport with employees and visitors, making sure a good attitude in the workplace environment. Workplace guard can ensure you have complete control of who has the ability to access your facilities, while our guards can either work as a highly noticeable deterrent or if it suits your company needs much better, work as a less noticeable force.

Hotel Security

Because of the high volume of individuals reoccurring from a hotel, it can be tough to watch on everything that is occurring. Prime Secures security guarding service can help by keeping a watchful eye on everything going on inside your hotel. Prime Secures Security Guards are trained to be friendly and trustworthy, making them best for the Hotel industry where trust is vital. Our Guards are totally trained to work as part of your staff, helping to guarantee your visitors possessions remain safe.

Public Sector Security

Public Sector customers typically take care of vulnerable members of the public or guard possibly unsafe products. Our Manned Security are totally trained to manage and handle a wide variety of different circumstances in their Public Sector responsibilities. With Public Sector Customers tending to run busy environments, we have ensured our Manned Security group is fully trained in both crowd management and control. Airport Security: Airports receive thousands of visitors and are typically identified by huge crowds, where it can be hard to find possible threats or problems. Prime Secures Manned Guarding Providers are versatile and able to identify and spot any security problems, and also hold training in crowd management. Manned protecting services have the ability to manage and spot issues that even the most advanced security innovation can not.

Reception Security

Our Manned Guarding Solutions are totally SIA accredited and totally trained to work within reception. We recognise the need for reception personnel to be appealing and great with consumer relations, and our security staff are trained to be respectful and good with any client they might serve.

Airport Security

Because airports receive such large numbers of visitors and frequently have huge crowds, it’s tough to discover or find possible concerns. Prime Secures Manned Guarding Services are flexible and able to spot and discover any security issues, and likewise hold training in crowd management. Manned protecting services are able to manage and discover problems that even the most innovative security innovation can not.

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Prime Secure are an SIA authorized contractor and one of the most certified security business in the UK, and have actually offered skilled security guarding service to clients all over Altrincham for over 25 years. Our management personnel is made up of professionals from various markets and services, including the armed forces and authorities, guaranteeing a strong continuity of experience and ability that brings into every aspect of our labor force.

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