Mobile CCTV Towers Stepping Hill

Are you in need of an ingenious brand-new security service in the Stepping Hill area? Does your site require 24/7 protection, and do you require to ensure you look out ASAP to any breaches in security? Prime Secures brand-new Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV Tower are then an excellent option

We’ve been patrolling property & businesses for over 25 years.
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Mobile CCTV Towers Stepping Hill

Mobile CCTV Towers Stepping Hill

Prime Secure have actually led the CCTV Market with their Mobile CCTV Deployment Towers. These are a outstanding security option for any Stepping Hill building and construction sites. Our Rapid Deployment towers include a broad choice of security systems to guarantee the safety of your sites and its protection from any intruders.

So if you are looking for an ingenious brand-new security system, contact Prime Secure today. Email us at or give us a call at 0345 88 88 333. Prime Secure can offer a FREE site study to develop whether our Mobile CCTV tower is the right choice for you. Prime Secures team of experts will provide you with the information of a extensive security plan as well as an precise quote for the expense of the tower.

Deployment CCTV Tower Security Solutions

Prime Secures CCTV Tower uses thorough CCTV coverage for Stepping Hill building and construction sites It is quick to deploy, and can be established in environments which prove a obstacle to other CCTV systems. The Rapid Deployment Tower has actually been designed by experts in the security field and is installed by our Prime Secure team who have 25+ years of experience in providing security options.

With a 200 meter range, the CCTV Tower protection is outstanding and allows it to swiftly identify any intruders. Once an intrusion has been found, our designated team of security professionals can rapidly respond to the intrusion to perform an examination.

But why utilize Prime Secures CCTV tracking? However why make use of Prime Secures CCTV tracking? It is of vital importance to comprehend just why it’s so crucial to ensure your Building Site has successful security measures.

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Why is Defense so Essential for your Building Site?

It has been approximated that the UK Building Market loses some ₤800 million every year as a result of theft and vandalism. The cost of repairing broken devices or changing it, along with the increases in the premium by Insurer, leads to the expense of criminal activity quickly building up. Standard methods of property security such as fencing or warning signs prove inefficient in handling lawbreakers or vandals. This is even more real when it comes to professional crooks. What is needed to ensure optimal security for your construction site is a extensive system, efficient in identifying a breach right away.

While Prime Secures Stepping Hill clients tend to generally be Building Business, any client who requires detailed security for their construction project will take advantage of a CCTV Tower. . As such, other clients we have offered with our surveillance towers have actually included;

Real estate Associations
Regional Authorities

Prime Secures Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower as such has actually earned a strong reputation in the Building and construction Industry because of its comprehensive, well rounded nature.

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What features does the Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower have?

So what are the features of the Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower? What benefits does it have, and why is it much better than other systems?
Quick Deployment and Redeployment: Not just is the Mobile CCTV Towers Manchester simple to establish, it is simple to redeploy. The Mobile tower CCTV System has none of the re-cabling concerns that accompany a fixed CCTV system.
Auto-Tracking Cam with Low Light Technology: Mounted on a 7m pole, the Mobile tower features a video camera that can move 360 degrees and supply consistent recording. It moreover records at 50-60 frames per second at 4k resolution, guaranteeing that all the images it records are clear. Once an intruder is identified, the electronic camera will start to track them and keep them in frame, providing our group and the authorities with constant information about their location. This tracking action can either be set to pre-set conditions or manually modified. If particular conditions are set, the electronic camera will trigger once they have actually been fulfilled and the intruder will be locked onto. With its powerful, ultra low light innovation, the cam system is able to spot burglars in even extremely dark conditions and still capture clear coloured images. Not only is this an necessary feature for a modern CCTV system, it is exceptionally useful for building site environments.
Virtual Tripwires: Prime Secures CCTV tower also features the means to establish ‘virtual tripwires’. With Virtual Tripwires, you are able to establish special zones of security. When an intruder is found, the tower will start audio and visual warnings. Our concurred protocols of security of your site will then enter play. Virtual Tripwires can be accessed from another location and gotten used to ensure the security protection of your site is kept.
Audio and Visual Alerts: Prime Secures CCTV Tower also includes an audio and visual security system. If an burglar is detected, audio messages can be transmitted to scare them away. This message will be a command demanding the trespasser leave the site, or the police will be called via a priority transmission. The CCTV Tower can also, with its visual alert, project a 100m variety LED light on the burglar.
Available Smart Watching App: Using the Available Smart Viewing App Software, it is possible to access your CCTV tower from anywhere or anyplace.
Extending Variety: Prime Secures towers can have their visual range improved through connection to static video cameras, massively enhancing the ability of your CCTV tracking system to manage any security challenges.
Reduce Manpower Expenses: Rapid Deployment CCTV towers can lower costs by lowering the requirement for manned protecting services. Rapid Deployment towers use outstanding defense and with their versatility, are frequently a more affordable and more effective means of security than large numbers of guard.
Eco Friendly Tower: Another option we provide is an Eco Tower. CCTV Tower systems can utilize solar energy instead of generators as a source of power. This reduces the costs of needing to run a generator throughout the day. This can also be valuable for a construction site without access to a generator.

Rapid Response: Upon the detection of an event or invasion, Prime Secure will dispatch a dedicated team to examine the site and examine any problems. They’ll likewise inspect the CCTV tower itself to make certain it is working as planned.

As can be seen, the Rapid Deployment Tower has a wide suite of security measures to guarantee the defense of your site.

However what other assistance can the team at Prime Secure offer you?

Prime Secures professional group are dedicated to making sure the CCTV tower is not just practical however efficient. Our team will provide post-installation sees to ensure the tower stays correctly set up to your sites needs. These check outs can be supplied on an organized timetable, with gos to available approximately 10 days after setup to every quarter.

Prime Secure identifies how important it is your tower is not simply functional but always reliable. Prime Secures Lonon group can offer speedy adjustment and assessments to keep your system working appropriately.

Who are Prime Secure?

Prime Secure ranks among the leading security business in the Stepping Hill area and is amongst the most recognized in the entire of the UK. Prime Secure are SIA approved specialists and security professionals who have actually served a large range of Stepping Hill based services and clients for over 25 years.

Prime Secures head office and management team are made up of individuals from all manner of various professions, including previous members of the authorities and armed forces to private security. Prime Secures concentrate on innovation has seen us become market leaders in the location of CCTV systems, and our security services are viewed as a few of the very best in the British security market.

Prime Secure nevertheless, stays devoted to ensuring our group offers exceptional customer support in addition to superb innovation. Together with their credentials, our group of engineers and gatekeeper have years of in the field experience which permits them to provide you with all the support you will require.


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You can contact Prime Secure Security Services either by email at or call us at 0345 88 88 333. Our group will provide you with a FREE, in depth study to see if your site is suited for a mobile CCTV system. Moreover, they will offer you with an precise quote for the expenses of our Tower system.