Mobile CCTV Towers Fence Houses

Are you in need of an ingenious brand-new monitoring option in the Fence Houses location? Do you need immediate notifies to security breaches, in addition to round the clock coverage? Then our brand-new and innovative Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV is the option for you.

We’ve been patrolling property & businesses for over 25 years.
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Mobile CCTV Towers Fence Houses

Mobile CCTV Towers Fence Houses

Prime Secure have led the CCTV Market with their Mobile CCTV Deployment Towers. These are a superb security service for any Fence Houses construction sites. With a suite of different security and monitoring functions, they can guarantee the security and safety of your sites from any intrusion.

So if you are looking for an innovative new security system, contact Prime Secure today. You can give us a phone at 0345 88 88 333 or email us at Prime Secure can supply a FREE site survey to establish whether our Mobile CCTV tower is the right alternative for you. Our team of specialists can offer you with a thorough security strategy as well as an precise quote for the tower.

Deployment CCTV Tower Security Solutions

Prime Secures CCTV Tower provides comprehensive CCTV protection for Fence Houses building and construction sites Among the greatest virtues of the Rapid Deployment system is that its rugged, versatile nature makes it possible to establish in places inappropriate for other Security and CCTV Systems. It has been created by an professional team, while setup is offered by Prime Secure who have more than 25 years experience of innovating new approaches in the field of CCTV surveillance.

With a 200 meter range, the CCTV Tower coverage is excellent and permits it to quickly discover any burglars. As soon as an invasion has been detected, our designated team of security professionals can rapidly respond to the intrusion to perform an investigation.

However why make use of Prime Secures CCTV monitoring? However why is it crucial to use Prime Secures CCTV monitoring tower? It is essential to understand simply why it is so crucial to provide your Building and construction Site with effective security.

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Why is Protection so Important for your Building Site?

Theft and vandalism are approximated to cost the UK Construction Market almost ₤800 million every year. The expense of repairing damaged devices or replacing it, in addition to the increases in the premium by Insurance provider, leads to the expense of crime rapidly developing. Security procedures such as signs or fencing tend to be inadequate in deterring or dealing with lawbreakers or intruders. This is a lot more true when it pertains to professional bad guys. Thorough security systems, ones which can identify problems right away, are needed to guarantee the security of your site.

While Prime Secures Fence Houses clients tend to mainly be Construction Business, any client who needs extensive security for their building and construction task will take advantage of a CCTV Tower. . As such, other clients we have actually provided with our monitoring towers have actually consisted of;

Housing Associations
Home builders
Regional Authorities

As a result Prime Secures CCTV Towers have actually been utilized by a wide variety of clients in the building market.

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What functions does the Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower have?

So what are the functions of the Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower? What are the benefits it has over other security systems?
Quick Deployment and Redeployment: Not only is the Mobile CCTV Towers Newcastle easy to establish, it is easy to redeploy. Unlike a fixed CCTV security system, there are none of the re-cabling issues when walking around the mobile CCTV system.
Auto-Tracking Cam with Low Light Technology: The tower features a electronic camera that can move 360 installed on a 7m pole. With taping at 4k resolution and at 50-60 frames per second, the cams images are clear. When an burglar is recognized, the camera will start to track them and keep them in frame, offering our team and the cops with consistent information about their location. Camera tracking can either be manually set up or pre-set to particular conditions. If particular conditions are set, the video camera will activate when they have been satisfied and the burglar will be locked onto. Because of the effective ultra low light innovation, the video camera can spot intruders and capture coloured images in even the darkest of conditions. This is important for any modern CCTV system, and is specifically vital for building sites.
Virtual Tripwires: Our CCTV security system also features the ability to lay down ‘Virtual Tripwires’. Virtual Tripwires can be positioned throughout the video camera’s field of view and permits the development of zones of specific value. When the tripwires are disturbed, the tower will initiate audio and visual warnings directed at the intruder. Our concurred procedures of security of your site will then enter into play. Another advantage of Virtual Tripwires is that they can be accessed and changed from another location to guarantee constant security protection.
Audio and Visual Alerts: The Mobile Tower also possesses both an audio and visual alert system. If an burglar is discovered, audio messages can be relayed to frighten them away. This message will be a command demanding the intruder leave the site, or the cops will be contacted through a concern transmission. The CCTV Tower can also display a 100m LED light which will be predicted onto the trespasser.
Accessible Smart Viewing App: With our Smart Watching App Software application, you can access the CCTV towers video feed from anywhere.
Extending Range: By connecting the CCTV Tower to fixed cams, it is possible to substantially extend the range of the CCTV monitoring system.
Reduce Workforce Expenses: Rapid Deployment CCTV towers can decrease expenses by decreasing the requirement for manned guarding services. Rapid Deployment towers use excellent defense and with their adaptability, are frequently a more affordable and more effective methods of security than large numbers of security guards.
Eco Friendly Tower: Another choice is the Eco Tower. Instead of using a generator for its power source, a CCTV Tower system can utilize solar energy to charge its battery. By getting rid of the requirement for a generator, this can reduce costs massively. It also is useful for sites which do not have access to a generator.

Rapid Response: Once an issue has been identified, our expert group at Prime Secure will be dispatched to investigate any issues dealt with. Our security team will likewise check the CCTV tower to ensure it is functioning as properly.

As can be seen, the Rapid Deployment Tower has a wide suite of security steps to ensure the defense of your site.

But what further support is offered from the team at Prime Secure?

The Prime Secure group are devoted to making certain your CCTV tower is always fully functional and working at peak performance. Post-installation, we’ll supply sees to make sure your tower is properly configured. We can organize visits up to 10 days after the initial setup in addition to visits every quarter.

At Prime Secure we acknowledge the significance of your tower remaining active and practical at all times. As such, our Fence HousesPrime Secure team can swiftly react to any requests for change or any inspections.

Who are Prime Secure?

Prime Secure are amongst the leading rated security business in the Fence Houses and among the most recognized in the whole of the UK, with a suite of accreditations. Prime Secure are SIA authorized specialists and security professionals who have served a wide range of Fence Houses based businesses and customers for over 25 years.

Prime Secures head office and management group are comprised of people from all manner of different professions, consisting of former members of the authorities and armed forces to personal security. Prime Secures concentrate on innovation has seen us end up being market leaders in the location of CCTV systems, and our monitoring services are seen as a few of the very best in the British security industry.

While Prime Secure prides itself on the success of its monitoring systems and technological development, it still stays dedicated to the human side of security and the value of solid customer care. Our engineers and security group can back their credentials with years of in the field experience and provide you with all the info and support you require.


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