We’ve been opening and
closing for businesses
for over 25 years.

Ensure your property or site is effectively secured at night, and opened promptly each morning. No more relying on employees and managing multiple sets of keys.


Many companies throughout the UK use Prime Secure to perform opening and closing protocols for their businesses.

It is often unreasonable to expect employees to regularly and effectively perform these tasks on top of their regular roles: the more potential entry points, the more risk relying on employees to conduct security operations.

Imagine a window is left open when a site is closed for the day. At best, heat waste and possible weather damage will be discussed the following morning. At worst, employees arrive to find obvious signs of a break-in and all the disruption that follows.

Prime Secure’s opening and closing services are used by various businesses, from simple car parks to large sites and everything in between.

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The dangers of not using an opening & closing service

Suppose your nominated employee fails to open up at the agreed time in the morning. In that case, the disruption to the business can be sizeable as your workforce cannot perform their regular details.

If an employee fails to secure your site at the end of the day, your business can be massively impacted by theft and damage. A professional opening and closing service should be viewed as an extension of your insurance policy – something every business should have.

Why not rely on staff to perform opening & closing procedures?

For small sites with minimal staff and potential points of entry, this may be manageable. For all other locations, relying on staff members to effectively and consistently perform critical security tasks in addition to their regular workload is a recipe for disaster, not to mention the logistics of keeping track of all the sets of keys you have had to issue for your site.

Who uses an opening & closing service?

Prime Secure perform opening and closing services for simple sites like car parks and playing fields, where our presence negates the need to pay for a workforce.

We provide opening and closing services for public buildings, like libraries and leisure centres.

Numerous companies and building owners contract us to perform opening and closing services for large sites like office blocks and factories.

Prime Secure opening & closing protocols

Opening: Our mobile security teams will attend your site at pre-agreed times to conduct a sweep of the area, look out for signs of anti-social behaviour from the night before, report any facilities management related issues. Each stage of this process, and any other areas you wish included, are documented photographically and time-stamped.

Closing: Our security team will visit your site at pre-agreed times and proceed to conduct a full security sweep, ensuring all identified points of entry are adequately secured. The team will also ensure that nobody remains on the premises before securing the site for the night. A sweep for signs of anti-social behaviour around the area is conducted, and any facilities management related issues are documented. Each check we perform is photographed and time-stamped.


Each site is different, so we will assess your property and agree on a set of protocols, checks and routes that suits your site’s requirements, documenting all critical areas with time-stamped photographs if required.

For example, many of our car park clients ask us to open and close the site while also documenting any cars left overnight to apply additional charges.

Nationwide coverage

Our UK-wide teams of security officers conducting mobile patrols mean we can perform our opening and closing service wherever you need it. Get in touch for a quote today.

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