Prime Secure’s specialist
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Our non-residential property squatter eviction teams work with High Court Enforcement Officers to ensure a swift and satisfactory outcome for you.

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Owners and managers of commercial properties are well aware of the problems resulting from a property lying empty. Break-ins, burglary, vandalism, and squatting (illegal occupation) are the most common issues that empty or void properties.

The process of evicting squatters from a commercial property can be troublesome, not to mention stressful. Many squatters are exceptionally well organised, intimately familiar with the laws surrounding illegal occupation and squatters’ rights.

There are numerous organisations set up to advise squatters of their rights, like the Advisory Service for Squatters, to help illegal occupants fight cases in court and generally make the process of evicting them a more arduous and lengthy task.

Prime Secure’s Squatter Eviction teams are specialists in squatter and illegal occupant eviction. We work in tandem with you, your legal team, the Police, and the courts to deliver a speedy and professional squatter eviction service.

High Court Eviction Officers

Our Eviction Enforcement Teams all include a High Court Enforcement Officer, allowing us to transfer your County Court Order to the High Court and ensure it is enforced.

Once Prime Secure has received a copy of your High Court Writ of Possession, we can rapidly evict your illegal occupants, leaving your property squatter free and ready to tackle the rubbish left behind and any damage caused by the presence of your squatters.

Waste and debris

Commonly left debris can include drug paraphernalia (needles/sharps/syringes), rubbish, human and animal waste, and more.

Locks, doors and windows

Locks, doors and windows are often damaged when squatters gain access to an empty property. Prime Secure also install security screens for windows and doors so we can help you change locks and secure your property correctly once your unwanted tenants have been removed.

Rapid response

A rapid response is vital in tackling problems with squatters and illegal immigrants. The longer the situation is left, the more damage is likely to be caused to your property. Contact Prime Secure today and let us take care of the whole process.

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