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A retail security officer is an employee whose duty is to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and staff within a retail establishment and to prevent financial loss arising from shoplifting, fraud, and other criminality that may occur, as well as to identify other dangers that may not be easily notable.

Retail security is now more significant than ever. According to the reports published by the UK Government, British Retail Consortium (BRC), and Centre for Retail Research, retail crimes are on the rise in the UK. While retail losses from shrinkage happen due to shoplifting and employee theft, retail staff now face increased violence making the workplaces unsafe. All retail businesses must implement crime and theft prevention techniques through security systems. Hiring an experienced retail security officer is one of the most efficient methods for increased safety.

The role of retail security guards will depend on the business, location, available security equipment, and risks. Some of the primary duties are as follows:

  • Patrolling the shop floor to act as a visual deterrent.
  • Detain offenders safely according to internal policies, SIA, and health and safety training.
  • Responsible for operating security systems of the store such as EAS monitoring, CCTV systems, gates, doors, or shutters.
  • Conduct investigations of losses and create incident reports.
  • Carry out routine patrols of the store to ensure the safety of customers.
  • Supervise procedures for handover of shifts.
  • Liaise with emergency services and the police to provide accurate reports.

Prime Secure is one of the UK’s most accredited security companies, holding some of the most prestigious accreditations available. Our security guards are licensed with the SIA, vetted to British Standard BS 7858 and checked against the DBS database.

Our security guards operate under BS 7499 which is specific to security guards.

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Visual Deterrent

Retail security officers must have a good visual presence on the shop floors and act as a visual deterrent. Well experienced security offices have excellent attention to detail and can prevent shoplifting & other criminality by recognising blind spots that a CCTV may not reach. They are efficient in reacting and responding to different types of crimes, creating reports, and providing relevant information to the police & other emergency services or agencies.

Security guards’ health and safety training enable them to detain offenders safely where policy allows. Having a security guard is one of the best visual deterrents, especially other safety measures such as CCTV systems, alarms, warning signs, security tags, etc.

Monitoring Entrances and Exits of Retail Stores

A retail security guard monitors customers’ entrances and exit points and monitors the arrival and departure of employees and all people to protect the store from theft, criminality, and other incidents or accidents.

Crime Reporting

Investigating crimes can be challenging if the police are not given accurate information. Retail security officers are trained in creating detailed reports and undertaking the correct processes to inform the police. Police officers have restricted time and resources to investigate cases. Concise communication between police and security guards significantly impacts criminal investigations.

Patrolling Store Premises

A retail security officer carries out routine patrols to ensure safety in or around the store. This enables them to identify and prevent intrusion. Patrols also provide protection against shoplifting, fire, vandalism, and other dangerous activities or at-risk areas. A retail security officer observes the signs of unusual activities on the premises. Security guards investigate the disturbances and address the situations where appropriate and safe to do so.

They also circulate among patrons, customers, and employees to ensure a security presence is in place. Guards enforce security rules to protect both the business and people. Shoppers and employees also feel safer when a security guard carries out patrols, which is vital for the success of any business. A safe workplace boosts productivity.

Managing Large Crowds

Working as a retail security guard requires managing large crowds, such as during the festive shopping period. Many people enter and exit the stores at a higher rate than other times. A retail security officer must utilise their better judgment to identify potential risks posed by any person(s), items, entrances, exits, shoplifters, and other criminal elements amongst the large crowd that would need to be identified to reduce & prevent losses.

Handling Emergencies

One of the most significant advantages of having a retail security officer is that they are always ready to handle security issues. In the case of any criminal activity, a security officer responds immediately. If a disruptive situation arises, it will take time for the police to arrive and handle the problem, and they may not always be able to do so. Criminals can create severe damage & disruption in the meanwhile. A retail security officer can help prevent these scenarios by presence alone and can deescalate potential issues where required. Guards can remove criminals from the store before they create severe damage. This also acts as a deterrent for repeat offenders when they know a store is protected.

Retail security guards are also responsible for calling the police and emergency services when required. A retail security officer must know where to get help, whether dealing with an unauthorised person(s) at the store, damage to property, fire, or theft.

Operation of Security Equipment

Depending on the size of the retail store, a retail security officer must operate CCTV systems to perform their duties efficiently, where licensed to do so. The ability to deal with the technical systems is crucial to identify potential shoplifters and criminality and monitor all areas of the store.

Developing Customer Relations

A retail security officer is required to build good relationships with customers and staff alike in addition to protecting the stores. This can be done by greeting customers when they enter the store and helping them when required. A professional security officer ensures shoppers of their safety and improves overall customer service & satisfaction.

Peace of Mind

Security guards not only protect your store, but they also reassure you that they will handle security matters efficiently. A security officer will also identify where required internal theft where there is an opportunity, reason, or suspicion for staff to steal from the store.

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