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Prime Secure are a leading supplier of dog security services across the UK, using highly trained K9 units to help meet the security requirements of our clients.
Prime Secure has been providing customers with bespoke security services for over 25 years and has a fantastic selection of dogs and handler teams available.

As an SIA licensed provider of security services, you can be confident that all our security dog users are highly trained and experienced in providing the highest standards of security anywhere in the industry.


Prime Secure Systems Ltd t/a Prime Secure holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services.

What do our clients say?

Dog Security Services

A mobile dog patrol can benefit your security in many different ways, acting as a major deterrent to those intent on theft or vandalism. From access control to narcotic detection, dogs are hugely versatile and can save you thousands by doing the job of several human security guards at once.

Drug detection

Security dogs can use their fantastic sense of smell for a vast number of different tasks, but one of the most sought after skills in a K9 unit is being able to detect illegal drugs.

At airports or similar, drug dogs can quickly and accurately search members of the general public, and their possessions, for narcotics with just a few sniffs. As well as providing K9 units to private companies, Prime Secure also works with a range of clients in the public sector.

Drug dogs are one of the most popular services that we offer in this regard. We also work alongside PubWatch in the UK, a scheme created by pub owners to ensure that their premises are free of illegal substances.

Guard Dogs

Pairing a human security guard with a guard dog allows a single unit to cover large areas that otherwise may require several guards to sufficiently monitor.

All Prime Secure’s specialist guard dogs are extensively trained to protect their handlers from attack, pursue and detain intruders, and search your premises using their enhanced senses.

One of the best things about dog patrols is that they can do the job of multiple human security guards.

This will reduce the number of staff you need to have on site without reducing the effectiveness of your overall security system.

Alarm Response

Even if you do not have a permanent guard dog presence on your property you could still benefit from our K9 services.

We provide alarm response and keyholding services for many of our commercial customers, remotely monitoring the alarm and CCTV systems from our alarm response centre.

If an incident is detected, we will deploy an expert team to the site, to deal with whatever has caused the alert, sweep the premises for intruders, and ensure the building is secure.

Taking a dog presence on these jobs can dramatically improve their efficiency as searches are far faster and more comprehensive with the senses of a highly trained security dog at our officer’s disposal

Benefits of Using Dog Security

Integrating K9 units into your security team, alongside uniformed security guards, is a cost effective way to maximise your security system, deter criminals, and eliminate threats.

Some of the advantages of having a Prime Secure trained security dog on your site include:

Active Crime Deterrent

Guard dogs are one of the best possible ways to deter potential intruders from targeting your property. If a burglar sees that you have security dogs in place they will more than likely decide that your property poses too much of a risk and instead look for a site without either manned guarding or canine units in place. Not only are security dog patrols physically intimidating and act as a major visual deterrent, if seen by a potential criminal, but their bark also acts as an audible deterrent, alerting those nearby to their presence from a significant distance.

Detain Intruders

A guard dog is not just there for show, and if an intruder is not deterred by the sight or sound of your k9 unit they are just as adept at physically dealing with the threat themselves.

At Prime Secure, our dogs can reach speeds of up to 30mph catching up to trespassers with ease even on large sites with lots of open spaces. For obvious reasons, this means that dealing with a security breach is a lot easier with dog handlers on site.

Dog units are also extremely strong and are trained to both take down and hold intruders in place upon command.

Their incredible sense of smell also means there will be no hiding from guard dog security as once your dogs have a scent they are experts at finding its source.

Enhanced Senses

Tracking intruders is not the only use for trained dogs’ incredible sense of smell. Specialist tracker dogs are able to detect all sorts of scents humans cannot, including gunpowder, the chemicals used to make explosives, illegal drugs, and bank notes.

Dogs also have a much more acute sense of hearing than humans, hearing up to 4 times further, and at much higher frequencies, than the average person.

Not only does this allow guard dogs to warn off intruders from a significant distance, it also means that they can alert dog handlers and security guards to threats, but they also may otherwise not have noticed until it was too late.

Save Money

Security dogs can cover large distances in seconds, and conduct searches of buildings in an extremely short period of time.

A single guard dog will do the same job as several guards meaning you will need to employ fewer security staff if you have K9 units on site.

This will significantly reduce the amount that you will have to send on manned guarding without compromising the security or safety of your premises.

By deterring criminals they will save you further expense that could be caused as a result of property damage and theft.

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