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Protect your people and property with SIA Licensed Security Guards from Prime Secure, backed by our industry-leading service team.


Prime Secure has been providing security guards for over 25 years. We are one of the UK’s most accredited security service companies and have been trusted by businesses of all sizes to help secure their people and property.

Our security guards are SIA licensed and undergo an extensive training program, backed by a market-leading level of support and continued learning. You can find out more about how we support our security guards here.

We supply security guards to just about every industry there is. We can do this as work with each corporate security client on a bespoke basis, assessing and analysing your specific setup and requirements. We then work with you to formulate a comprehensive and effective series of security protocols under which our security guards operate.

Prime Secure security guards fit perfectly into your existing setup without complication. The only changes required to your operations will be in areas where we identify security risks that need to be remedied, otherwise, we’ll simply slip seamlessly into your day to day operations.

As a UK wide company, we have a national reach backed by the local knowledge of our operatives. Prime Secure can have SIA licensed and highly trained security guards deployed to your site rapidly.

Whichever type of security guard you are looking for, Prime Secure is ready for your call on 0345 88 88 333.

Our approach

Assessment – We assess each new site ourselves so that we can ensure we provide effective cover from our point of view.


Implementation – One of our Area Service Managers will visit you, discuss your particular concerns, and agree on a route and schedule for the security guards to patrol. Together you will identify set landmarks en route which our officers will photograph as they patrol to provide up to date imagery of the state of your site as they go.


Reporting – We document every step of our security guards’ route and report daily on our findings and observations.

Vetted, licensed & experienced

Prime Secure is one of the UK’s most accredited security companies, holding some of the most prestigious accreditations available.


Our security guards are licensed with the SIA, vetted to British Standard BS 7858 and checked against the DBS database.


Our security guards operate under BS 7499 which is specific to security guards.

Job-specific assignments

The first port of call for any manned guarding contract for a void property is for one of our experienced security team to visit and properly assess your premises then produce a detailed report from which a bespoke, site-specific set of assignment instructions is produced for our security guards.

Detailed record keeping

Our security guards will meticulously record all data as they perform agreed and site-specific assignments. Any potential incidents or issues are logged in the appropriate record book and time-stamped.

Expert supervision

Prime Secure takes the quality of our service seriously. You can read more about how we look after our staff’s welfare here, and we are just as meticulous with our supervision.


We perform unannounced site visits regularly to ensure the service you receive meets the high standards we set for ourselves.

Rapid deployment

Prime Secure boasts UK wide coverage and can quickly arrange a site assessment, followed by deployment of security guards to your site.

Canine patrols

We can provide canine security guards and handlers should you require. Highly trained with acute senses of smell and hearing, canine officers can often cover the area of 2 or 3 human officers thanks to their heightened senses.

Give us a call to discuss your options and we’ll help you work out whether your site is more suited to human or canine security, or both!

Security guard patrols

Some security guards are mostly stationary, some are always on the go. Our guarding service is tailored to the specific needs of your business so we can provide security that suits you. Security guards are highly visible and effective deterrent to criminals. An effective guard will both deter and prevent crime.


Our security guards who patrol a historically troublesome community in Edinburgh on behalf of a housing association have seen incidents reduced by 80%, simply by providing a regular and visible presence in the area and effectively responding to the few incidents that persist.


Any organisation with lax security will find that word soon gets around the criminal fraternity. Similarly, if you make your business known for having effective security, the same happens. Over time our security guard patrols see the number of incidents reduce, as well as quickly and professionally dealing with those that do.


Make sure your business is Prime Secure with our security guard patrols.

Retail security guards

Whether you want a highly visible deterrent, or a subtler, less obvious presence, our tailored training means our adaptable security guards can fit seamlessly into your business, providing security in a way that best suits you and your customers.


Retail businesses are regular targets for criminals, both during and outwith business hours. Prime Secure can provide security guards trained in dealing with both of these situations. Our bespoke, job-specific training ensures we can deliver exactly the sort of security you require.

Concierge security

We all know that first impressions are important, especially in business. Concierge staff are not only security professionals, they are also the public face of your company. At Prime Secure we understand the important role concierge security plays in representing you and your business.


Our concierge security staff are multi-skilled, trained in front of house skills like customer service, telephony, reception skills and, importantly, first aid.


No matter the challenge presented, our concierge security guards are reliable, responsible, and trained in crowd management and conflict resolution. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and our concierge staff are no exception, capable of representing your company professionally and delivering the sort of customer interactions you can be proud of.


Our bespoke, on-site training means they will dovetail perfectly with your existing setup, delivering effective security protection with no loss of service to your customers and employees.

Hotel security guards

Reliable, friendly, and ultra-professional, our security guards are perfect for hotel security. In an industry where reputation is paramount, you can trust Prime Secure hotel security guards to protect your guests and their belongings, and help to provide the safe, enjoyable experience that your hotel guests expect from you.


Professional and well-trained security guards are essential for hotels. Due to the nature of the industry, hotels see a high volume of ever-changing traffic through their doors. As a result, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone on-site.


Our guards can remain in place to protect key areas, or have a roaming remit to patrol your hotel’s access points and vulnerable areas.

Prime Secure’s position as one of the UK’s leading CCTV system suppliers means our staff can be expertly trained, not only in traditional security guarding but in using CCTV technology to help protect your hotel and respond quickly and effectively to any incidents which may occur.


Put simply, a static and highly visible hotel security guard presence provides an excellent deterrent, helping to prevent incidents before they even occur. If the worst does happen, our hotel security guards are experienced and trained in dealing with all manner of incidents.

Office security guards

Your office needs to be secure, it also needs to be a happy and relaxed environment so that your staff can perform as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Office security guards not only reassure your staff, but they also provide an air of security and safety to visitors, helping to create the right impression for your company.


Our guards are trained in customer service so they can foster a good rapport with employees, helping to deliver a positive working environment.


Our office security guards are experts in access control, ensuring only those who should have access to your premises are admitted. With detailed record-keeping, they will document all entrances to and exits from your office.


Highly visible office security guards provide an excellent deterrent to potential criminals, but we can deliver less visible guards should your business require. Our bespoke setup allows you to tailor the service you receive to perfectly fit your business’ requirements.

Reception security guards

Reception staff are typically warm, friendly and engaging. Just imagine they were SIA licensed security guards as well – that’s what you get from Prime Secure.


We understand that security is important, but not at the cost of reducing your customer experience. Our reception security staff are highly trained, polite, patient, and well versed in customer service.


We don’t stop there though. Our industry-leading wellbeing program sees our security guards receive regular visits to ensure that they are happy and healthy at home and in general, not just properly provided for at work. A happy guard is a better guard, and a better guard is more effective at helping protect your business.

Public sector security guards

Public sector clients can be responsible for caring for the most vulnerable members of society or safeguarding highly valuable or potentially dangerous items.


We understand the need to sensitively and professionally provide security guards for public sector clients. Our services are always bespoke so we can provide effective security guards, specifically tailored to your requirements.


All Prime Secure security personnel are carefully vetted, highly trained and SIA licensed and are perfect for working in educational establishments, hospitals, government offices and more.


Public sector clients tend to look after larger, busier locations than many private customers. Prime Secure security guards are not only trained extensively in providing effective security services, they are also experienced in crowd management and conflict resolution.


We can provide highly visible security guards, dress down to offer a subtler service or even operate in the same uniforms your employees wear. However you would like your security guards to operate, we’ll make sure our service is tailored exactly to your need.

Airport security guards

Recent years have seen airport security change almost beyond recognition. With thousands of new visitors each day, airport security guards must be specifically trained to identify threats, as well as being trained in crowd management and conflict resolution.


The technology used in airports has been increased and enhanced in the past couple of decades. While this is good news for the security of regular passengers, it has meant that those with criminal intent have become more adept at evading the latest detection measures.


Designed to supplement security technology, our airport security guards are experienced and highly trained. Sometimes there is no replacement for the well-trained eye of a security professional.


We can provide static or roaming security guards for your airport. Our bespoke protocols are devised in conjunction with our clients, so we can seamlessly fit into your current operating procedures, providing efficient and effective security without disrupting your day to day operations.


Just like airports, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re open, we’re there, helping you deliver your regular, high-quality service safely and with a smile.

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