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Event security describes the measures undertaken, usually in the form of security guards and other security-related personnel, to ensure the safety of visitors and staff at any large-scale event.
Event security is put in place to deal with all manner of potential incidents. From planned attacks to crowd trouble, damage to property, intoxicated guests, gate crashing, theft, injuries, and much more. An experienced event security officer from a quality provider will have undergone various specialist training courses, including crowd management, conflict resolution, and first aid.
Planning your event security
No matter the size of an event, many things must be considered when planning an event. Security should be a major priority at all stages of the planning. The security and safety of event attendees should always be more important than anything else. Some smaller events attempt to hold events without any security provision. In our experience, this usually leads to problems with health & safety, access, or crowd control, not to mention falling foul of licensing regulations. Prime Secure can provide a consultative assessment of your event, but we advise you not to leave organising your security to the last minute. There are myriad rules, regulations, and factors to be considered when preparing an effective event security plan. Failure to account for these in the early stages of planning often leads to insufficient budget being left for adequate security coverage, resulting in inadequate security measures or the hast cutting back of the planned event to cater for these previously unconsidered security concerns.
Things to consider when planning an event
Event planning should incorporate security from the outset, and here are some of the things you should consider. Prime Secure’s consultative security service can help you do this and ensure you don’t miss anything. Planned Attacks Planned attacks, whether by terrorists or unsound individuals, are sadly an increasingly common occurrence. Recent years have seen attacks on religious venues, concertgoers, pedestrians, airports, trains, buses, transport hubs, and more. Anywhere with more than a few people can be a target these days. More significant events are often more attractive targets to perpetrators, thanks to the potential for higher casualty rates.
  • Should event attendees have bags and coats searched for weapons?
  • Who will conduct any searches that will be carried out?
  • Which items will you allow to be taken into the event?
  • Should body scanners be used?
  • Who will operate body scanners if deployed?
  • How many staff are required to guard the perimeter?
  • How many staff will monitor the crowds for suspicious behaviour?
  • What training will each role deployed require?
  • How far from the site entrance should your security extend?
  • Does your event location require a crime analysis of the area?
Location / Venue The very act of selecting a venue means you have probably assessed the site and found it suitable for your primary event requirements, but have you considered the security implications of your choice? Prime Secure can guide you through the process, but a few things to consider are:
  • Are the venue surroundings suitable?
  • Can the location be adequately secured?
  • Are there sufficient escape routes, especially for VIPs?
  • Are there sufficient toilets to limit queuing and potential trouble?
  • Are refreshments stalls sufficiently spaced to prevent overcrowding?
  • Could a safe evacuation be undertaken if required?
If your event is taking place outdoors, then things that are usually taken for granted, like walls and roofs, will not be present, and you must consider erecting fencing, barriers, or other forms of access control. Conversely, for events in buildings, you will need to investigate access points like doors and windows that can be opened by staff or opened from the outside. Many modern access control solutions are technology-based, bringing with them the risks of hacking. You must consider how you will prevent cybercriminals from accessing your systems and plan for what to do in the event of a cyber attack. A good event security provider will be experienced and able to guide you through this process. Event Attendees Quite simply, the more attendees and the more famous your attendees, the more significant a target you present to the people who could potentially attack your event. Can you vet every attendee? Can you prevent bulk ticket purchases which have been proven to have been used to hide the identities of criminals or terrorists? Regular Event Staff Many event locations are not used as such all the time. Staff are likely to have had security awareness training in regular venues, but less regularly used sites may have to organise this training. Communication During the event, who will be responsible for coordinating all of your security personnel? Prime Secure can supply experienced Operational Command personnel to oversee and manage your security presence. Operational Command professionals ensure a streamlined operation with a highly trained and experienced head to react to unwanted intrusions, attacks or occurrences. Event Security Plans Your security plan will need to cover many areas. Thankfully your security provider should help you tackle this. Still, a brief breakdown of some of the things that need to be considered is detailed here to give you an idea of the scale of a comprehensive event security plan.
  • Event Overview
  • Venue / Site Details
  • Health & Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Waste Management
  • Crew Management
  • Stewarding
  • Traffic Management
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Major Incident Plan
  • One Page Summary
Whichever type of event security you are looking for, Prime Secure is ready for your call on 0345 88 88 333.

Types of Event Security

Event security staff come in all shapes and sizes and are referred to by many names. Whatever you call them and whatever you want them to do, Prime Secure can deliver all of these and manage your security deployment as the event takes place.

Access Control & Searching

Physical access control and the searching of event attendees to ensure only authorised individuals with no prohibited items gain access to your event is essential to the smooth running of any event.

Door Stewards

Door Stewards, are used to control access to and behaviour within an event. Door Stewards can be hired for regular events or one-off occasions like private and corporate parties.

CCTV Operators

Some locations will have access to a CCTV system, whether as standard or temporarily installed. CCTV Operators are skilled at monitoring all the cameras that the system operates from a control room. CCTV Operators allow operational overview and the ability to cover large areas at once while liaising with boots on the ground to more effectively address potential issues before they escalate.

Close Protection Officers

A Close Protection Officers (CPO), also referred to as a bodyguard, is deployed to provide personal protection to an individual or a family, often responsible for more than just physical safety.

Crowd Security / Crowd Steward

A Crowd Security Officer, or Crowd Steward, will work as part of a team and be familiar with the venue’s layout and facilities. They will help carry out pre-set checks, advise event guests and monitor crowds for any signs of distress or problems in the making.

Concert Security / Concert Marshalls / Concert Steward

Concert and gig crowds are more likely to be boisterous than other event guests. Concert stewards are specifically trained to prevent overcrowding, manage crowds, spot potential hazards. They are also trained in first aid and know all escape routes intimately.

Conference Stewards / Conference Marshall / Conference Security

Conferences should be less rowdy than a gig, so conference security officers are, in addition to the usual tasks of an event steward, will be well versed in the activities and events on offer at the conference, making them better able to help advise attendees.

Door Security / Door Supervisors

Door supervisors oversee door security officers. Together, they will manage access to an event, check guests for contraband items, take tickets, ensure any dress code is adhered to, respond to any incidents, and remain alert to any potential hazards or incidents.

Event Security Guard / Event Steward / Event Security Officer

This is the generic term, and, as you can see from the other descriptions of event security roles, there can be many specialist types of event security officers. In general terms, though, an event steward will be responsible for the security and safety of people and property at an event. Event security officers will patrol, manage crowds, advise guests on facilities, and more.

Female Security Officers

Female security officers typically adopt a negotiation style that is more diplomatic and can search female guests without issue. Male event security officers cannot check female bathrooms or toilets and so will be required at most events.

Football Steward

Football stewards will help crowds find their seats, prevent overcrowding, and ensure match goers behave appropriately. To most matchday fans, football stewards tend to be the public face of the football club, so professional and experienced football stewards are essential to effectively controlling a football crowd.

Health, Safety & First Aid Officer

All of our security guards are trained in first aid, and we can arrange specialist security personnel with health and safety training and medical training. Both health and safety and first aid are moral and legal requirements for any event.

Level Two Security Guard

A level two security guard is essentially another name for an event steward. Level two security officers do not hold an SIA license but will be trained in first aid.

Operational Command

In military terms, a command and control officer is responsible for overseeing a security team and managing communications to allow the smooth operation of the security plan.

Security Management

Security management is the organisation of all of the assets contained in a security plan. These can include personal, buildings, machines, policies, and procedures.

Show Security / Show Steward

A show steward or show security officer will be responsible for the security and safety of people and property at an event. Event security officers will patrol, manage crowds, advise guests on facilities, and more.

SIA Door Supervisor

The SIA is the Security Industry Authority, and its accreditation is the industry benchmark. SIA licensed door supervisors are trained in many skills, covering everything from drug awareness to understanding the powers of arrest, emergency procedures, queue management, conflict resolution, and more.

SIA Steward

SIA (Security Industry Authority) qualified security guards/officers are trained to higher than non-SIA Stewards. Regular, or tier two, stewards manage crowds and the event itself. SIA Stewards can control access and egress at an event. They are trained in crowd control from a security point of view, crisis management, and conflict management, and they can perform searches.

Stadium Security / Sports Security

Sporting events, often at stadiums but also the at likes of racecourses and regattas, tend to have excitable and passionate crowds. As well as possessing an intimate knowledge of the venue’s facilities and emergency exits, as well as being trained in first aid and CPR so that they can assist guests in need until the emergency services can arrive. They also play a vital role in facilitating emergency exit protocols.

Wedding Security

Usually only required for high value or celebrity weddings, wedding security officers. Their responsibilities are to monitor, report, and defend against any unwanted behaviour and prevent unwanted intrusion attempts.

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