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Canine security officers offer a range of unique skills that can be used to augment your existing security.

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Security Guard Dogs have a completely different skill set from their human handlers. They possess natural capabilities which are harnessed through specialist training to turn them into efficient, effective, yet friendly security guards.
Canine security dogs can be utilised for a multitude of reason, bringing different skills to each role. Not only do they improve your security and allow you to cut back on traditional manpower, but they can also perform various impressive tasks that humans simply can not. If you are interested in hiring some of Prime Secure’s security guard dogs, get in touch by calling 0345 88 88 333 or clicking the button below to send us a message.
Static security dog

Canine security guards provide an ultra-effective and highly visual deterrent. The mere presence of canine security dogs adds an additional level of security to any situation. A canine security presence often allows you to cut down on manpower and save money.

Dogs’ enhanced senses allow them to detect threats and trespassers before humans are even aware of a potential problem. Excellent eyesight, great sense of smell, and advanced hearing make them an extremely effective and massively off-putting security presence.

Our static security guard dogs, also known as general purpose guard dogs, are trained and experienced in tracking articles of clothing, searching buildings, and handler protection.

Drug detection dogs

Prime Secure’s narcotic detection dogs are trained extensively to use their naturally keen sense of smell to identify all forms of drugs, as well as explosives and other illegal items.

Our canine security dogs can be utilised for proactive or passive assignments, making our dog and handler the perfect partners for any deployment.

We also offer drug awareness seminars and demonstrations to educational establishments and any other interested groups and organisations.

Our security guard dogs regularly work with PubWatch schemes throughout the UK to detect drugs on licensed premises and help provide a continual deterrent to drug use.

Explosive detection dogs

Some of our dogs are specially trained in detecting explosives and the chemical components they are made from. These animals undergo continual training to make sure they consistently perform to the highest possible level.

Explosive detection dogs are also trained to operate discreetly to not unduly alert or worry the public as they go about their job.

Mobile response dog unit

Prime Secure operates teams of mobile canine response units. These vehicles contain dogs and handlers and can be rapidly deployed to a site as soon as an alarm is activated. Mobile security dog units will immediately search the site perimeter and track down fleeing intruders if they can lock on to their scent.

Other specialist security dogs

As well as the more common uses for security guard dogs above, we can also provide dogs trained explicitly for assignments such as:

  • Personal Protection
  • Cadaver Detection
  • Firearm Detection
  • Rescue Operations
  • Tobacco Detection
  • Cash Detection

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