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Our Eco View Static CCTV system is battery-powered, wireless, and can be installed on sites without mains or generator power.

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Accreditation logos


The EcoView CCTV system is the only wireless static camera system in our product range. Through several years of expertise in the security industry, Prime Secure identified the need for a compact, wireless, portable yet robust CCTV system. The design, capability, and performance have improved over the years and are being continually enhanced

The EcoView CCTV system is robust, self-sufficient, and highly effective 24*7. The system features up to 8 cameras, a system controller, a keypad or time scheduled arm/disarm, an optional audio & visual alarm unit, and 2-year battery life. It is perfect for small sites, remote builds, the early stages of regular projects, and more.

Secured by Design (SBD)
Complete CCTV coverage for construction sites offered through a market-leading technology certified by the Police as Secured by Design, provided by SIA approved contractor with CS accreditation.

Secured by Design is an initiative from the Police Service that sets a recognised standard all security products must meet to achieve the SBD badge and be providers of services guaranteed to deter and prevent crimes.

Prime Secure takes extreme pride in holding this accreditation. As a company that takes security very seriously, the Secured by Design badge enables us to assure our clients of the effectiveness of our products.

Rapid Deployment
Our EcoView CCTV System offers unmatched coverage, boasting a range of advanced features, and can be rapidly deployed even in the most demanding environments.

Prompt Response
Its technologically superior system makes it suitable for construction sites where a quick response is crucial to avoid theft, destruction, and intrusion.

Unrivalled Service
In addition to free site surveys and quotes, Prime Secure conducts inspections and regular site visits by our service managers to make sure your security system continues to effectively protect your site as it develops.

You can find the detailed specifications of our Eco View Static CCTV system on this page.

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Full-colour Cameras

The Eco View CCTV system is equipped with full-colour cameras that provide clear and vibrant images. As one of the main functions of a CCTV system is to capture photos and videos, the quality of the cameras is significant. Our Eco View can guarantee excellent quality and details.

Market-leading Detection Range

The Eco View has a detection range that sets it apart from the competitors and has wider coverage than rival systems. It is equipped with the PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) detectors that provide 12 metres detection. A PIR sensor can detect motion indoors and outdoors, both day and night. It also consumes less energy compared to microwave sensors.

Sirens to Deter Intruders

Prime Secure offers an optional siren and LED beacon with the Eco View CCTV systems to deter intruders. Sounding sirens and glaring LEDs will alert the intruders and stop them from proceeding with the attack. In our experience, this can stop most criminals and saves you from expensive damage.

Self-sufficient System

The Eco View CCTV system is a wireless and self-sufficient system that has all the necessities to operate independently. This makes it suitable for sites with no mains power as well.

Long Battery Lifespan

Our Eco View is powered by a long-life battery. The recording takes place only when triggered. Prime Secure replaces the battery free of charge before the shelf life is reached.

Daily Remote Checks

Prime Secure offers daily remote checks for the system’s best performance throughout.

Optional Monitoring

Prime Secure offers optional monitoring of our systems from our in-house monitoring station. Monitoring station can offer various benefits such as immediate help in emergencies due to human interaction, ensured protection round the clock, reduction of false alarms, instant police response, deterrent of criminals, and potential decrease in insurance.

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