All the power of our
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Site View’s series of static cameras are designed to provide protection for confined areas and compounds and this system is usually used to complement our CCTV Towers.


Prime Secure’s Site View is a static CCTV system. It comprises up to 16 cameras with Artificial Intelligence features, a 4TB network video recorder, an alarm sounder, and a dedicated comms cabinet. It is a fixed and budget-friendly system suitable for compounds, laydown areas, and similar sites.

The cameras have a coverage and detection range of 40 metres. We can provide monitoring through our in-house monitoring station. Daily remote checks also ensure the best performance. Optional upgrades to the A.I. features are available as well.

The Site View CCTV system’s static cameras and Network Video Recorder (NVR) provide Artificial Intelligence features and deep learning capabilities such as Virtual Tripwires, Area Intrusion Detection, False Alarm Filter, Smart Motion Detection, and Low Light Technology.

In addition to the A.I. features, you can find the detailed specifications of our Site View CCTV system on this page.

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Low Light Technology

The Site View CCTV system has low-light technology. In the case of most construction sites, workers are on site during the day and intrusions or other criminal activities occur at night. Moreover, daylight can also be affected by the weather conditions of locations. An analytical camera with low light technology is crucial to detect intruders no matter what time of the day for maximum protection of your site.

The low light technology uses ambient light to generate clear images at night, even under the darkest of night skies.


CCTV towers cannot be placed on all sites depending on factors like location, space, power supply, etc. However, the Site View CCTV system can be fixed and wired in all locations to avoid blind spots. Prime Secure provides a minimum of 3 cameras per Site View CCTV system to ensure dual zoning is achieved.

40m Detection Range

Our Site View CCTV system is equipped with the PIR sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor) and has a detection range of 40 metres. A PIR sensor can detect motion indoors and outdoors, both day and night. It also consumes less energy compared to microwave sensors.

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology is excellent for high contrast scenes, balancing the brightness and shaded areas simultaneously so an image neither appears blown out or too dark.

Mains Powered Battery System

Site View depends on mains power for operations, making it suitable for locations with an existing power supply.

Intruder Alarm

Our Site View CCTV system has a dedicated audio alarm sounder, offered at no extra cost by Prime Secure, that helps to alert and deter intruders when an alarm is triggered. When an alarm is triggered, most criminals stop themselves from proceeding with their plans. Alarms scare away unwanted visitors and prevent incidents from escalating.

Virtual Tripwires

The software allows us to draw virtual tripwires that can generate an alarm when a person or vehicle is detected.

Area Intrusion Detection

This allows the deployment of a virtual box to create a ‘no go zone’.

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) uses an advanced algorithm to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected.

Daily Remote Checks

Prime Secure offers daily remote checks to ensure our Site View system keeps running and continues to offer effective protection all year round.

Optional A.I. Upgrades

We can build a bespoke system for you, allowing the addition of A.I. functions like A.N.P.R. (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Time Lapse, Thermal Imaging, and Advanced Image Search.

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