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Static security officers are deployed at sites or locations to perform security duties such as monitoring entrances and exits, patrolling the grounds, monitoring CCTV systems, logging details of visitors, and ensuring the overall safety of clients.

Static guarding is often thought of as a security officer based in a specific area. However, static guarding is more often different from the title, as static guards are not static and can perform patrols or other tasks most of the time.

The most common types of static guarding are front-of-house, reception, and concierge roles. Other examples include hospitality guarding and corporate security. Static guards generally follow a specific patrol route, whereas mobile patrol officers cover a larger area.

The main benefits of hiring a static security guard are as follows:

  • Visual Deterrent
  • Prevention of Unauthorised Visitors
  • Safety of Employees and Visitors
  • Management of Company Resources
  • Identification and Prevention of Offences
  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations
  • Material Protection and Movement Control
  • Monitoring of Security Systems
  • Reassurance

Prime Secure is one of the UK’s most accredited security companies, holding some of the most prestigious accreditations available. Our security guards are licensed with the SIA, vetted to British Standard BS 7858 and checked against the DBS database.

Our security guards operate under BS 7499, specific to security guards.

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Visual Deterrent

One of the significant benefits of static security is providing a visual deterrent. Most crimes occur following days of observation and planning to determine routines and patterns. This allows criminals to identify weak spots and timings to attack. The sight of a security officer is discouraging for would-be thieves and other criminals.

Our static security officers are experienced and knowledgeable about the way criminals operate. Hence, they undertake patrol duties at infrequent intervals so that no pattern can be identified. Moreover, professional criminals will be able to get around security alarms, barriers, tagging systems and cameras, but manned guarding will be able to provide a visual deterrent to disrupt them.

Prevention of Unauthorised Visitors

The presence of a static security officer prevents unwanted visitors from entering your property. The officer will be responsible for gate operation and controlling access to the business. A static security officer will check for identification and inspect vehicles before authorising entry. A guard can log the details of visitors and vehicles on the system. This helps avoid conflicts, chaos, and potential theft of equipment or materials and personal data on site.

Safety of Employees and Visitors

Static security officers provide additional security for the staff and visitors. Hiring a static security guard ensures that someone on site can recognise potential threats and handle them efficiently.

Like all security officers, static officers have a keen eye for detecting potential hazards that could occur, such as fire damage and possible flooding. They inform the business of approaching dangers to ensure appropriate measures are taken. In addition, a static security officer will secure the site by inspecting all entries and exits, enabling alarm systems, and ensuring that all safety equipment such as fire extinguishers is working. With the proper security & training in place, mishaps can be avoided, from accidents to attacks.

Management of Company Resources

Most businesses have policies regarding wastage in the workplace. This could apply to energy consumption through air conditioning, lights, or tangible resources such as paper. As Prime Secure is mindful of its carbon footprint, our officers aim to ensure that all unnecessary systems and lights are switched off given that no one is using the building and encourage the employees to do the same.

Waste materials such as paper, packaging, or other items can be hazardous if left in compromising locations. A static security guard detects these and informs the relevant person(s) to remove the hazard. This is vital as unattended waste materials that are hazardous can cause serious injuries. A static security officer can also prevent theft by staff.

Identification and Prevention of Offences

Several types of offences can occur on a site, ranging from neglect of policies to abuses. A static security guard will identify and report these offences to the appropriate managers or people. Static security guards are also given the power to stop these acts.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

The rules and policies of a business or site are created to maintain the standards. The employees or residents are expected to follow these. For example, all workplaces have regulations that employees are required to obey. Static security guards will ensure that these regulations and policies are being followed. If the static security officer finds anyone disobeying these rules, they can report it to the relevant people or management where necessary.

Material Protection and Movement Control

Depending on the business and nature of the site, static security guards will be responsible for protecting the materials and other equipment on site. The materials include expensive equipment, vital installations, I.T assets, cash, and valuables. Moreover, where the movement of materials and goods are involved, they will direct these to minimise risks, loss, or damage.

Monitoring of Security Systems

Depending on the site and its existing security measures, a static security officer will monitor the CCTV systems, where licensed to do so, and look for unusual activity, criminality, or other risks to the premise.


Technology can also protect your property, but a human presence is more reassuring. A static security guard can identify potential signs of danger before things escalate. Our static security guards are also trained to be friendly, approachable, and professional, offering help to visitors and staff. Most static security guards will also be able to provide first aid or fire safety guidance, thus giving you overall confidence in their abilities to provide excellent service for you & your business.

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