Corporate Office Security

Prime Secure offer industry leading corporate security services provided by fully SIA licensed professional office security guards to help keep your office safe and secure at all times.

No two corporate offices are the same and our bespoke security solutions are designed to suit your specific needs, and are fully focussed on protecting your assets, property, and workforce.

Expert Office Security Services

Prime Secure have been providing security guards to companies across the UK for over 25 years.

When you choose us for your corporate and office security, you will receive guards who have undergone an extensive training program, have excellent knowledge of security in the local area, have been fully vetted to British Standard BS 7858, and checked against the DBS database.

Every office has different security needs, and we work with you to understand exactly what your security requirements are and tailor our bespoke security services to your needs.

At Prime, we understand that whilst the main role of your security is to keep your corporate building secure, maintaining a relaxed office environment is also vital to keeping staff happy and productive.

As the first point of contact for visitors and clients, the right security guards can have a huge impact on the success of your business.

For this reason, our guards not only provide an effective visual deterrent to criminals, but are friendly, approachable, smartly dressed, and fully trained in creating a welcoming atmosphere whilst carrying out their duties.

Why is office security needed?

There are many reasons why having a manned guarding presence on your business premises is so important.

These Include:

Protecting Valuable Items

Office buildings are full of expensive electronic equipment such as computers, mobile devices, and other electronics.

Replacing such equipment can be hugely expensive and lead to higher insurance premiums in the future, so whilst a manned guarding presence may initially seem an expensive investment, it will more than pay off in the long run.

Protecting confidential documents

It is not just items with a high monetary value that need to be protected in an office building and protecting confidential information is just as vital
You will likely have many files, both digital and physical, in your office that contain sensitive information about clients and staff.

A security breach leading to the loss of confidential client information can have significant consequences including legal complications, and a loss of reputation that may seriously harm your ability to attract future business.

By having security guards on site customers will be reassured that their information will be safe when in your hands and be more likely to opt for your services.

Staff Safety

As an employer, you have a responsibility to do all you can to protect the safety of your staff whilst they are on the premises.

Visible security guarding can deter criminals and make your staff feel much safer once on site.

Professional security management keyholding services also mean that dangerous incidents out of hours will not have to be attended by untrained members of staff who may be unnecessarily put at risk.

Workplace Theft

It is a horrible thing to think about but workplace theft is a reasonably common occurrence in UK offices.

A visible security staffing presence can significantly reduce the chance of employee crime occurring and you won’t have to deal with replacing office supplies, equipment, and dealing with disputes between colleagues.

Office security officer responsibilities

There are a wide variety of roles that expert office security officers from Prime Secure will be able to provide for your company.

These Include:

CCTV monitoring

CCTV is a vital tool for any modern security service, allowing your security team to keep an eye on your entire office in a way that would not be possible through mobile patrols alone.

By monitoring live cameras, a security guard will be able to identify any incidents in real time and direct their colleagues to the location.

Not only do Prime Secure provide security guards of an extremely high standard, we are also a UK leader in CCTV system installation.

As such all our office security guards are experts in utilising all forms of surveillance cameras as a major asset in maximising security in corporate buildings.

Access Control

The key to keeping an office or corporate site secure is knowing exactly who is in the building at any one time.

Modern access control can come in many different forms from physical checking of identification to remote monitoring of fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, and key cards using CCTV cameras.

Our security guards will monitor your entry points, check identification, control access, and make sure that only verified personnel are admitted.

This will give you and your staff peace of mind that they are protected against intruders, leading to higher productivity and a happy working environment.

They will keep detailed records so that if an incident does occur you can easily track who was in the building at the time.

This can be particularly important in the case of a fire as these records can be used to check that the entire office has been evacuated by the emergency services.

Reception Duties

All our guards are highly trained in customer service and will provide a fantastic first impression to staff and visitors entering your office.

The physical presence of security staff at the entrance to your property will not only provide an effective visual deterrent to criminals but will reassure clients and your workforce that they are safe whilst on site.

Some of the concierge security services we provide to our corporate clients include directing visitors to the appropriate department, answering enquiries, and dealing with any incidents that may occur.

Key Holding

Having an effective keyholding service provided by a security company is essential to protecting office buildings.

Prime Secure offer a 24/7 keyholding professional service, keeping your keys secure in a local location, readily available to our security personnel to use, should an incident be detected in your office.

Not only can keyholders respond to emergencies out of hours when your office is unoccupied, they can also perform day to day tasks such as opening up the building at the start of the working day and locking up at end of play, making sure that security systems are operating correctly and checking for any weaknesses.

By using us for both your day-to-day office security and keyholding you can be confident that your carefully designed security protocols are followed to the letter and ensure consistency across your premises.

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Whatever your needs, from conflict management to front of house reception duties, security guards will form the best team possible, helping you stay secure, and offering unrivalled protection and a quality service to your staff and customers.

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.