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If you are looking for a hotel security team that will provide comprehensive protection for your clients and guests, PRIME SECURE are the industry professionals you need.

Hotels without the appropriate security solutions in place can be prime targets for theft and anti-social behaviour, compromising the welcoming and safe environment you have worked so hard to create for your guests.

Prime Secure have been providing security solutions of the highest standards to customers across the UK for over 25 years, and we specialise in creating bespoke hotel security systems.

Why is hotel security needed?

You could have the perfect location, beautiful rooms, fantastic staff, and perfect customer service, but if you are unable to protect your guests against crime and create a safe environment you won’t last long in the hotel business.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen a rise in incidents of:

  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Fraud
  • Assault
  • Property damage
  • Vandalism
  • One incident is too many in this industry, with a negative experience leading to a loss of reputation amongst your target clientele that could prove disastrous to your profitability.

    For any hotel manager, the welfare of guests is a top priority, but their skills usually lie outside of scrutinising the property and developing an airtight security plan.

    For this reason, you should always hire a professional hotel security team to ensure the safety of guests and employees, letting you get back to what you do best.

    Key Hotel Security Tasks

    The responsibility of your security staff is entirely down to your circumstances and requirements.

    In general, professional hotel security staff can be expected to carry out the following duties:

    Preventing Crime

    You want the experience of your guests to be as hassle free and relaxing as possible.

    The worst thing that could happen, therefore, is for them to be the victim of theft, assault, or another crime whilst under your roof.

    A professional security presence is by far the best way to ensure the risk of this happening is as long as possible.

    Proactive security guards will check that all locks and keypads are fully operational, monitor entryways, and check identification, all roles that will keep your guests and their possessions protected and safe whilst on site.

    Access Control

    Having security officers stationed at entrances and exits can help you to monitor who is coming in and out of your hotel at any one time.
    The mere presence of a guard in the hotel lobby is a significant visual deterrent to criminals who will likely take one look and decide that your hotel is not worth the effort, and move onto an easier target.

    All Prime Secure’s officers are trained to spot suspicious behaviour and if an unauthorised individual does attempt to gain entry they will be swiftly and discreetly identified and dealt with.

    Risk Assessment

    Not only will your security staff carry out their designated duties with the utmost professionalism, they will also use their years of experience to help optimise your security protocol.

    Professional security guards can carry out risk assessments, will make detailed reports to you based on their observations during patrols, and make suggestions for improving security based on their knowledge and experiences on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Rapid Emergency Response

    By combining surveillance specialists, constantly monitoring your CCTV system, with boots on the ground, your security staff will be able to identify emergency situations as they occur and respond as quickly as possible.

    This not only means catching thieves or intruders in the act but also identifying hazards and fire risks that could cause accidental harm.
    All our staff carry radios allowing them to effectively communicate throughout the entire building and work as a cohesive unit to be as effective as possible.

    Contacting the Authorities

    Many incidents can be resolved fully by in house security guards and there will be no need for emergency service involvement.

    However, if a crime has been committed, or a serious dangerous incident is taking place, our officers will contact the relevant emergency services and concentrate on ensuring the safety of guests and staff until they arrive.

    This could involve a fire marshal evacuating the building should a fire break out, or security officers detaining an intruder until the police arrive.

    Why choose Prime Secure?

    At Prime, all our hotel security guards are ultra-professional, highly skilled, and reliable, and will be fantastic assets to your team.

    They understand that the safety of your guests is paramount and protecting their possessions and their wellbeing is at the heart of the services we provide.
    Hotels are busy, ever changing environments, and professional security services are essential to their success.

    By their very nature, there is a high level of traffic in the hotel business, with many different people entering and leaving at any one time.

    For the untrained eye, this can make it extremely challenging to keep track of exactly who is on site at any time and what they are up to.

    As experts in surveillance, Prime Secure are one of the leading CCTV suppliers, our officers can be deployed both in traditional guarding roles as well as utilising the latest technology to respond quickly to incidents in real-time anywhere on the premises, and help protect your hotel to the best of their ability.

    The exact requirements of your security is completely up to you and upon your request you could have a stationary security officer responsible for monitoring one key area, or give your officers a roaming remit to patrol various different access points and vulnerable locations.

    Security that fits your brand

    You have worked hard to create the perfect environment in your hotel and the presence of security guards can help to maintain this.

    First impressions are vital in the hotel world and given that security staff are often the first thing your guests will see upon entering the building their behaviour is extremely important.

    For this reason, at Prime Secure, our officers can wear more formal attire tailored to your brand whilst on site should you wish.

    They are also fully trained in customer relations, dealing with enquires from your residents in an approachable and friendly manner whilst maintaining their appearance as a visual deterrent to wrongdoers.

    Contact Prime Secure

    Prime Secure have offices up and down the UK, meaning that wherever your hotel is based, we have a professional team of SIA licensed security officers primed and ready to help.

    For more information on any of our security services call us today on 0345 88 88 33, or email us at

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.