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Key holding is an important service for vacant properties, construction sites, companies, and businesses.

Modern security services and technology like Mobile Patrols, Alarms and CCTV monitoring are vital to ensuring the safety of void properties, businesses, and construction sites. But in the case of an incident, you’ll need to have effective security protocols in place that can be initiated quickly to ensure the premises are kept safe.

If compliance with these important protocols isn’t met, there’s a strong chance for serious damage to the premises or any materials inside of it. This is where Prime Secure keyholding comes services come in.

Keyholding has a member of our expert security team maintain accordance with pre-agreed security protocols in the event of any reporting of intrusions. Our team can offer a response twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week. Our service will be on the site as soon as an incident has been detected. Because we cover the whole of the UK, responses are quick.

Prime Secure Keyholding and Alarm Response Specialists

Prime Secure’s keyholding service are industry qualified and SIA licensed security officers who have undergone extensive training to meet the high demands expected by Prime Secure. Our company has secured its positions in the British security industry by using the best trained, more reliable people in the business.

What do we do?

As a keyholding company, our job is to provide your premises with round the clock protection. The keys of the property or construction site will be kept secure by a properly SIA licensed professional and in the case of any intrusion, our team will head to the site right away.

Incident Response

As alarm response specialists, our security officers will respond to any triggered alarms or incidents on the premises. Our team are trained to respond as if there are still intruders on the site and handle these kinds of difficult situations on your behalf. This is a major benefit because it significantly reduces the risk to you or your employees. Our goal is the complete protection of clients and their property.

Opening and Closing

A responsibility of keyholding work is opening and closing a business – or – locking and unlocking a property. A key holder will carefully search business sites to ensure everything is in place, before deactivating any security systems and turning on the lights. As the premises is being closed, the process will be repeated in reverse – ensuring everything is secured and locked up. Carefully maintaining locks is vital for the security of any businesses or construct site.

Protecting Keys

An important part of key holding is of course the protection of keys. Our key holder will take care of keys as well as know all codes for security alarms.

Vacant Property Checks

One of the keyholding services we offer is the protection of void and vacant properties. These are particularly vulnerable to intrusion, and we can respond on your behalf to any intrusion or alarm that goes off.

Why use a Keyholding Service?

There are a huge range of benefits when it comes to our professional key holding services and company.

Fast Response

In the event of an incident on your property, it’s vital to have a quick response.

Prime Secure has UK wide coverage. We work not only in London and England, but all over the UK and we have security officers who are able to offer an incredible fast response to any intrusion. We never subcontract, and our team will be able to reach any site as soon as possible.


The specific detail of the support provided by our alarm response specialists can be matched to the needs of your companies and properties – ensuring you get the exact protection you need.

Safety and Using Site Employees instead of a Keyholding Company

Some people opt to use a non-professional to keep an eye on their properties. Often, keyholding jobs like this are given to members of staff, employees or even taken up by the owner of the site. It’s a misconception this will save you money (keyholding costs very little – only about £1 a day) – but it’s also never going to provide you with the same protection.

Amateur alarm response is nowhere near as safe either. You and or your employees could easily find themselves going into a difficult situation and forced into a confrontation with an intruder. Not only is this stressful and demanding, but you are also liable for anything that goes wrong. Besides this risk, the level of service an experience key-holder can offer will outstrip anything an amateur could provide.

Maximising Security

Keyholding can easily be combined with our security measures to create a fantastic network of security.

A Keyholding service can easily be combined with a wider security technology network such as CCTV cameras alarm monitoring, mobile patrol services, and security guard/manned guarding patrols to create truly comprehensive security for the premises. Combined with our options like our remote monitoring app and other digital services, you can ensure your property and staff are given fantastic protection – while also ensuring your own peace of mind.

Other Benefits of using a Keyholding Company.

Companies, construction sites, and properties using Prime Secure’s keyholding service will reduce insurance premiums. This can significantly cut down costs. Furthermore, the potential of any incidents occurring is reduced.

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.