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Prime Secure are one of the UK’s leading CCTV monitoring companies, with over 25 years of experience providing bespoke security systems to customers up and down the country.

A monitored CCTV system allows your security team, or a professional security firm such as Prime Secure, to keep an eye across your entire site from one location, searching for intruders or emergency situations much more effectively than would otherwise be possible.

Our state of the art remote CCTV monitoring service means that should any unusual activity be detected at our central remote monitoring station, we will take immediate action, deploying a team of security staff to your site from one of our local offices.

This can help you save huge amounts of money on your security systems as remote monitoring can reduce the reliance on expensive manned guarding.

Who could benefit from remote CCTV monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring is perfect for any commercial site looking to ensure 24/7 security is in place, provided by highly skilled personnel, without having to hire additional on-site security staff around the clock.

Some of the sectors that remotely monitored CCTV is best suited for include:
  • Construction Sites
  • Void Property
  • Office Buildings
  • Business Locations
  • Warehouses

How does CCTV monitoring work?

Remote CCTV monitoring from Prime Secure is a simple process that provides hugely effective results.

The process involves works by:

1) Transmission

Live CCTV footage is streamed via 5G from your CCTV system to our servers at our CCTV monitoring station.

2) Alarm activation

Depending on your requirements your connection can be monitored at all times or only when an ongoing incident is detected by your alarm system.

CCTV monitoring costs will be dependent on the extent of the live monitoring you require but whatever package you choose will likely be much cheaper than employing enough security guards to effectively monitor the same area on foot.

Prime Secure installs bespoke fully integrated security systems so that when an alarm is activated the CCTV stream will automatically go live and be routed to the screen of one of our expert security professionals.

3) Observation

The live stream from your CCTV camera systems will be observed and controlled remotely by one of our professional operators to get a better idea of what is happening on your site.

They will have full control over the system itself and will be able to switch between cameras in the system and pan, tilt, and zoom individual cameras.

They will also be able to replay recent footage recorded by the cameras to ensure they have the full picture before taking action.

Once an incident has been confirmed, it is time to deal with it.

We will deploy a team of security officers to your site the moment that an alarm is activated.

Before they have even arrived we will be able to communicate with intruders on site using audio warnings via your alarm system and loudspeaker.

In the vast majority of situations, this alone will be enough to cause intruders to vacate the site.

In the case of false alarms, we will simply reset the system and ensure the property is secure before leaving again.

If a live incident is still taking place, however, our security team will usually be able to deal with it themselves, and if additional support is needed we will use our contacts with the emergency services to ensure the appropriate service is on site as quickly as possible.
We will also contact you immediately to keep you informed of events.

Why Choose Prime Secure?

Having remote CCTV monitoring provided by a security expert such as Prime Secure gives you complete peace of mind that should suspicious activity be detected on your site out of house, a rapid response service is in place to help deal with it in the most efficient manner.
As a leading provider of alarm monitoring, CCTV systems, and highly trained security guards, no other company can provide more comprehensive CCTV monitoring services.

With Prime, Every step of our incident response is conducted by highly trained and experienced professionals, from the moment that an incident is detected at our alarm receiving centre or CCTV monitoring station to the emergency services being called or the incident being resolved by our security officers.


The effectiveness of your CCTV security system is crucial to remote monitoring and at Prime, we pride ourselves on the market leading quality and technology of our surveillance cameras.

Just some of the features that make our CCTV cameras the best in the security business include:

Picture quality

All our cameras are 5mp with 2560 x 1920 pixels, recording and streaming crystal clear images in 4k, and using low light technology to ensure the image quality remains excellent even during the night.

This means that should criminal activity occur on your site, surveillance footage will be vital in helping the police identify the perpetrator, and could be the crucial evidence during a court case.

Tamper Proof

You could have the highest quality CCTV cameras in the world, but if they need to be operational.

All our systems are fully tamper proof so it will be extremely difficult for an intruder to disable your system and by the time they have attempted to do so, we will have been alerted and a team will already be on the way.

On our mobile CCTV towers, all the components are contained within IP systems component boxes to protect them against both tampering and the weather.

Remote Access

Most importantly for remote CCTV monitoring, using mobile technology, our CCTV cameras can be accessed live from anywhere in the world.
It is not just the professionals at our CCTV centre that will be able to monitor the feed, and you will be able to log into a mobile app at any time from your mobile device to check the live feed.

This will give you ultimate peace of mind that all is as it should be when you are off-site and allow you to monitor live incidents should we inform you that an intruder may have gained access.

Alarm Response

Having effective alarm response and keyholding in place is essential to CCTV monitoring.

We’ve been providing alarm response to satisfied commercial customers for over 25 years, and with offices across the UK, we can respond to alerts in no time at all anywhere in the arer.

When out SIA security personnel attend your site following your intruder alarms being activated they will ensure that pre-agreed protocols are initiated and carried out to the letter.

Our officers will thoroughly investigate your site to find the source of the activation and use their knowledge and experience to act accordingly.

Security Guards

It is all very good being able to identify that an incident is taking place, but this means nothing if there is nothing in place to deal with the situation in an effective manner.

At Prime Secure, our SIA licensed security officers are the best in the business, undergoing an extensive training programme to ensure they are primed to deal with whatever they are faced with when attending your site.

All our guards have experience in conflict resolution, access control, and identifying security breaches and will use these skills to respond immediately to whatever they face in the field.

If required, we can also provide canine security officers, significantly speeding up the process of searching a property for intruders.
As leading suppliers of CCTV and alarm systems, all our staff are also trained to work in combination with the latest technology to provide the most reliable security solutions possible.

They will also be able to communicate effectively with the police or other emergency services in the case that criminal activity occurs or an intruder enters the site, providing a detailed description of events to aid the subsequent inquiry.

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If you are looking for comprehensive CCTV monitoring services an SIA accredited security expert, Prime Secure are here to help.

Thousands of commercial businesses across the UK benefit every year from our industry leading remote CCTV technology, helping keep their staff and customers safe and saving money without compromising maximum protection on their business premises.

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