Retail Security

PRIME SECURE have been providing security solutions for customers across the UK for over 25 years and are the only choice for bespoke retail business security.

Retail businesses are a prime target for crime holding expensive merchandise that proves attractive to thieves and shoplifters.

For this reason, having a significant security guarding presence on your premises is essential to your success as a business, preventing the unnecessary expense of repairs and stock replacement.

Our SIA approved security guards are the best in the business, highly trained in meeting all the security challenges posed by the retail sector, and give you, your staff, and your customers peace of mind.

Retail Security

Effective retail security supplied by highly trained SIA approved retail security guards is essential to giving you peace of mind that your business is as safe and secure as possible.

  • Deter criminals and prevent crime on your property.
  • Prevent employee theft.
  • Prevent unwanted individuals gaining access.
  • Protect valuable equipment and large volumes of stock.

Why is retail security so important?

Retail security is a major part of what we do here at Prime, with security officers often required in the following locations:

  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses
  • Department stores
  • Pharmacies

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the cost of crime to UK retailers in 2019-20 alone was £2.2 billion, a 14% increase from the year before.
Violence and abuse of retail staff is also on the rise and having professional retail security officers on site is a necessity to protecting your staff working in retail stores.

Retail Security Services

Having retail security guards on the shop floor acts as a strong visual deterrent against crime, improves your brand image, and helps you to keep a keen eye on what is occurring on your site.

Some of the security solutions that we can offer our retail clients include:

Preventing Crime

The job of your security staff will vary depending on your needs, but in general the primary role of a security guard in the retail sector is to prevent criminal activity from taking place on the premises.

The mere presence of a security guard alone acts as a significant visual deterrent to criminals.

Most potential shoplifters will take one look at a store with a physical security guarding presence, decide that targeting your property is too challenging and move on to look for an easier target.

A key skill in a retail security officer is being able to assess large volumes of people in a short period due to the high traffic nature of the retail industry.

For this reason, all our staff are extensively trained to spot irregular shoplifting activity, internal theft, and threatening behaviour towards staff.

If this occurs, they will take the appropriate action, removing unwanted individuals from the premises or detaining them until the police arrive.

Front of House Duties

Your retail security guards are often the first thing that your customer will see when they walk through the doors of your company, and as you know, first impressions matter.

Whilst all our staff are intimidating to potential trouble makers, and act as a visual deterrent against opportunist thieves, they will also take a polite approach to customer service, deal with inquiries in a friendly manner, and represent your business in a positive manner.

We also operate a flexible uniform policy so if you wish your retail security officer to have a more formal attire whilst on duty to better reflect your brand, this is something we will be happy to provide.

Access Control

The key to effective security at retail stores is keeping an eye on what and who is coming in and out at any time.

Having a stationary guard positioned at the entrances and exits to your store is a great way to do this.

Should your exit metal detectors or alarm system be activated your security guards will conduct searches of customers to check for stolen goods and detain them until the authorities arrive.

Our Retail Security Officers

All our retail security guards undergo extensive training, are SIA qualified, vetted to British Standard BS 7858, and checked against the DBS database.
They are fully committed to providing shoppers and staff with confidence that their safety is assured whilst on your premises.


Security guards are just one part of a highly effective retail security plan and installing CCTV on your premises is vital to the prevention of crime.

Prime Secure are UK security industry leaders in the installation of bespoke CCTV systems allowing your security team to observe the entire site at one time.

We have highly trained surveillance experts who can monitor your CCTV feeds and direct boots on the ground to the scene of an incident in real time.

This combination allows for a fast response to emergencies and reduces the risk of criminals getting away undetected.

In the unlikely event that property damage or theft is committed on your premises despite your security guard’s presence, CCTV footage can be critical in the police finding and convicting the offender.

CCTV is particularly useful in large retail properties such as supermarkets and warehouses as it is impossible for your retail security guards to keep an eye on the entire site all at once.

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We will conduct a survey of your property to determine exactly what your security requirements are and deploy a team of security officers with a valid SIA licence to implement the protection plan we develop.

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.