Security patrols

A security patrol guard and manned guarding services are the best ways to keep your property, construction site, or business safe.

Security incidents affect a wide range of different premises – from vacant property to businesses to construction sites. The large, open nature of these properties makes them appealing to thieves, vandals, and other intruders. Keeping the premises safe is vital to avoiding work delays, keeping the premises in good condition, maintaining important safety standards, and keep insurance premiums at low rates. Failure to maintain a solid security is liable to cause serious issues in the long term.

While modern CCTV and Alarm systems are great for preventing problems from happening in the first place, having a hands-on security patrol service is a whole other level of security and can provide you with a fantastic peace of mind.

The physical presence of a security team is not only an excellent deterrent for intruders and criminals but means in the worst-case scenario of a crime or incident occurring, you have hands on professional support to immediately handle the issue. This increases the overall safety of the site while reducing risk.

Manned guarding services provide a fantastic security solution and Prime Secure has over 25 years of serving clients all over the UK with expert security services – including key holding, CCTV, and Alarm Monitoring. Our security patrols and mobile security patrols are highly trained professional services. Get in touch today for further information.

Security Services and Mobile Patrols for Construction, Property and Corporate Clients

Our company provides security patrols for

  • Construction sites
  • Businesses
  • Void buildings

Security Experts – Licensed and Experienced

Prime Secure has been accredited by the top bodies in the industry; we hold some of the best accreditations in the British security industry. All Prime Secure’s security officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority. They meet the important British Standard BS 7858 and are properly vetted through the DBS database. Prime Secure only calls upon the best of the best, and our team is well versed in all important legislation and a wealth of experience.

Mobile Security Patrols

A specialised service we provide are mobile patrol security guards.

Security guarding is often associated with static security – guards posted at a fixed location. But a patrolling security guard service mounted in vehicles can do an incredible amount to protect your property, offering flexible security and alleviating any security concerns you have. Mobile security patrols are just one of the many options we provide.

Mobile Patrol Security Services are mounted in marked vehicles and follow patrol routes around the premises. The marked vehicles alone are often enough to deter criminals – since they are an incredible visible presence on and around your property. The more visible a security measure is, the less likely you will suffer any security incidents. Mobile security patrols are well recognised by both potential criminals and intruders as a serious barrier to criminal behaviour.

Mobile security patrols can quickly respond to any alert on a site. The speed of mobile security patrols is one of the things which makes them so valuable, because in the worst-case event of a crime happening, the mobile patrols can be on the scene in no time at all.

Mobile patrols and their vehicles can be tracked by our dedicated mobile application as well – allowing you to contact them wherever they are and always know what routes they are using.

Why use Prime Secure Security Guards?

Security officers and regular security patrols can do an incredible amount to keep a site safe.

A Security guard is probably what most people think of when it comes to security – being the oldest and most traditional form. Despite this, patrol services have kept up with the times and our officers have access to the latest technology. Both a standard security patrol service and mobile security patrols provide a reliable option for the protection of premises.

A security guard service can perform a huge range of tasks, from unlock services to access control, to record keeping to other job specific assignments.

Security patrols (as well as mobile security patrols) can be combined with other measures too – such as CCTV and Alarm monitoring services. This allows you to protect your property from any kind of threat.

These following services are only a small selection of what a security patrol can do for you. For a full overview of the services, get in contact with us today.

Handling difficult situations on your behalf

Security guards are fully trained to deal with difficult situations on your behalf. It is possible that if you attempt to confront intruders, thieves, or vandals, a difficult situation could develop. This is also the case if you attempt to have employees confront intruders. Our guards undergo extensive training in conflict resolution and to handle these difficult situations – ensuring you and your employees’ safety is maintained.

Ensuring the Site is Safe

Crime is not the only problem. Many premises can be, if not properly maintained or monitored, dangerous. Risks to health can result in injuries and even litigation, not to mention delaying work and damaging staff morale.

Patrol services can help maintain strict Security and safety measures – being to detect threats and health risks – employing expert risk assessment techniques. They can help you identify high risk areas on a premises, improving health and safety significantly. This is an invaluable source of support for any site.

In the worst-case event where an accident happens, security Guards can apply first aid while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Mobile patrols can respond rapidly to any incidents. Furthermore, in the case of any incidents, a security patrol will be an excellent source of evidence about what exactly has happened.

Guards operating on a construction site will also engage in detailed record keeping. If any incidents or issues occur, they’ll be logged.

Preventing Intrusion

Unlawful entry is a serious problem for any property – but large vacant properties and construction sites are particularly vulnerable and seen as easy targets. Likewise, businesses often have so many people coming and going it can be hard to know who is coming and going – increasing the chances for an unauthorised person to enter the site.

Potential trespassers can endanger the safety of workers, damage staff morale, cause serious disruptions, and furthermore they’re often a danger to themselves. The risk to health is a serious matter in an environment like a construction site, where an intruder can easily be injured or hurt – with the potential for litigation emerging.

Security patrols and mobile security patrols are a great way to prevent this kind of incident. They will keep a careful eye on just who is coming and going.

A security guard service can also provide access control – which controls who comes in and out of a site. Access control is an invaluable service, especially on a construction site. Here, the team will have total control over who can easily enter the grounds and stop people from wandering in by accident.

Stopping Theft

Theft is a very common problem for construction sites and vacant properties – which are widely seen as vulnerable targets. It is also a problem for business properties as well, as the busy nature of businesses means it is very easy for intruders to slip in and steal valuable materials.

Theft costs the construction industry £800 million every year, while the stealing of metal is a major issue for vacant property despite increasingly strict legislation to prevent the reselling of stolen metal. Another growing problem is stealing fuel from vehicles, which often damages them.

The visible deterrent of security guards and mobile patrol services is often enough to ward off criminals and thieves, who are usually not interested in confrontation knowing the danger of prosecution rises significantly. In the case thieves continue with attempting to steal from the site, guards will offer rapid and effective response.

In more serious cases, our security patrols will be able to quickly call the police while handling the immediate issues themselves

Stopping Vandalism

Vandalism is a common and costly crime which is common on construction sites, businesses, and vacant property.

Often windows are smashed, or graffiti is left – a serious nuisance. Vandalism can seriously damage vacant properties; the cost of the damages is likely to build up over time, leaving you with large bills and growing insurance premiums to deal with. Vandals engaged in this kind of activity are usually most interested in particularly vulnerable targets – i.e., empty properties and construction sites. This is not to mention arson, one of the most common and serious problems.

The presence of a mobile patrol or static guards is often enough to stop vandalism, but in the case, vandals attempt to enter the grounds, guards can respond on your behalf and confront them.


A patrol, whether it’s standard security patrol or mobile security patrols, our services are designed to be flexible and fit the needs of our client. A patrol can be integrated with existing CCTV and alarm systems, while in business environments guards can fit neatly into the existing structures without disrupting them.

Site-Specific Assignments

All our security patrol services are trained to be able to fulfil a wide range of different site-specific assignments.

Trained guard services can perform extensive assessments of void property, creating bespoke measures for site security and providing you with a level of personalised security impossible to beat. The same can be done for construction sites, with guards provided with bespoke instructions

Expert Supervision

We take the quality of the services and officers we provide very seriously – and aim to offer a highly reliable, professional security service to all our clients. Unannounced visits are regularly carried out to ensure our security patrol services are meeting our high standards, while as a company we constantly provide support to our guard team.

Rapid Deployment

Because we offer a UK wide service and have coverage all over the country, we are able to establish a security guard premise on a site incredibly quickly on request.

Canine patrols

Security guard dogs are a fantastic addition to regular security patrols. Security dogs are one of the major worries of many criminals, vandals, and intruders – and are a superb visible deterrent. Many criminals will avoid a premises equipped with canine services as they recognise the risk of being caught increases significantly.

Dog security patrols often allow you to cut down on overall manpower too – saving money while having your security operating at a high level of efficiency.

Not only are they a great visual deterrent, but dogs have invaluable skills. Dogs can detect intruders and trespassers well before any human being does (due to their fantastic senses). Because of this, they can alert you to a threat incredibly quickly.

Security dogs can be trained to fulfil a variety of specialised roles and can even work alongside mobile security patrols.


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