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Security is a crucial part of any business protecting your staff, equipment, and property from criminal activity.

Effective security services can save you thousands of pounds a year by reducing the cost of theft and vandalism, meaning that choosing the right company to provide your security is a crucial business decision.

One of the best ways to ensure the highest possible standard of security on your property is to only employ the services of SIA licensed security guards from an SIA approved contractor such as Prime Secure.

What is an SIA security guard licence?

By employing security guards who have received an SIA security guard license, you will be ensuring that they have undergone an extensive security training course and are qualified to perform a wide range of different security tasks.

The SIA security guard course lasts three days and involves security guard training in the following areas:

1) Working in the private security industry
2) Security guarding and working as a security guard
3) Conflict management

Passing the assessments for each unit is not enough, on its own, to secure an SIA licence, however, and several background checks are also carried out via the candidate’s SIA online account.

These include identity checks using a photo ID, and a criminal background check.

Once all these steps have been completed a security guard will obtain their SIA licence qualification and can be deployed in a number of different roles within the industry.

What is the difference between a security guard licence and a Door supervisor licence?

Not all licences offered by the Security Industry Authority are the same and it is important that your security guards have the qualification directly related to the job you want them to perform.

SIA Security Guard Licence

A security guard licence allows holders to work in shops, office buildings, and a range of other premises, protecting private property and keeping the public safe.

Door supervisor licence

A door supervisor licence offers all the same security training as an SIA security guard licence, with the additional benefit of being able to operate on licensed premises serving alcohol.

This is due to the fact that to achieve this qualification, guards must undergo an additional module called physical intervention.

To maximise their employment opportunities it is recommended that security guards undergo this SIA course but not all do.

For this reason, it is crucial that you check this before hiring security personnel who may not legally be allowed to conduct the services you require.

Why use SIA licensed security guards?

There are many reasons why using SIA licensed security guards is essential for employers across the UK.

These include:


By using the services of a professional security firm that only provide SIA accredited security guards means you will be guaranteed a certain standard of security on your site.

You will also have peace of mind that they have the knowledge and training required to deliver the agreed security services.

Legal Requirements

It is actually illegal to operate in the security industry without an SIA licence and employing someone to perform a job they are not qualified for could result in legal consequences for your company and will invalidate your insurance.

Frequent quality checks

An SIA licence only lasts for 3 years meaning that an SIA security officer will need to keep up with all the current regulations and security equipment to retain their qualifications.

This means that you will never receive a guard with outdated and ineffective work practices embedded from years gone by.

Technological Knowledge

A big part of modern security guard training is learning how to work alongside security technology to provide as effective a service as possible.

CCTV monitoring, access control (using fingerprint and facial recognition, etc.), and alarm activation response are all included in today’s SIA security guard course, meaning your security system’s individual components will come together to form one formidable unit.

At Prime Secure, as well as security guards we also provide industry leading CCTV and alarm systems meaning that, on top of SIA training, we also act as our own training provider, ensuring our guards are able to utilise modern security technology as effectively as possible. (H5)

SIA Approved Contractors

Security guards are not the only ones who can be accredited by the SIA.

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is an SIA run voluntary accreditation scheme, that can be applied for my security firms themselves, aiming to raise standards in the security industry.

Choosing an SIA ACS accredited security firm for your SIA licensed security officers is by far the best way to guarantee the highest possible standard is adhered to by your security staff.

Unlike SIA security guard licences, it is not a legal requirement for security firms to join the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), but it is a sure sign of quality and it is highly recommended that you always get your security services from an SIA approved contractor.

Why choose an SIA ACS company?

Only SIA ACS security firms can guarantee:

Highest Standards

ACS contractors are required to conform to the British Standards Institution’s published standards meaning they must always operate to the highest possible standard.

Customer Focus

All SIA ACS company services are designed with the customers’ needs at their heart.

Industry Leading

ACS is voluntary despite all the advantages, meaning that companies accredited in this way are proactively attempting to increase the quality of their services.

This is good indicator that they will continue to strive for excellence when working with your company.

Prime Secure holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services so when you hire SIA licensed guards from us you can be confident of the utmost professionalism at all times.

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.