Wireless Alarm Systems

Smart technology is taking over the world and the security industry is no exception, with more and more people optimising their security systems by installing wireless alarms, motion detectors, and remote monitoring equipment.

Wireless systems offer a huge range of benefits over their wired alternatives including easy installation, ultimate flexibility, more reliability in the case of a power failure on the property.

Prime Secure are one of the UK’s leading security firms and have over 25 years experience in the alarm monitoring business.

If you are considering installing motion detector intruder alarms in your home, fully customisable via remote control, or looking to save money on your commercial site by installing a bespoke mobile CCTV monitoring tower, contact our expert team today and we will be delighted to help.

Many people are still unaware of the full possibilities of wireless security, so we have put together this guide explaining just some of the ways that new alarm technology could help you increase security on your property.

Who could benefit most from a wireless alarm system?

Wireless smart security systems are becoming more and more popular across the UK in both commercial and domestic settings.
At Prime Secure some of the most common customers who benefit from our wireless smart alarm systems include:

Domestic Homes

Smart home security systems are a common feature of the modern home with many people choosing to take extra security precautions to help protect their family members, properties, and possessions.

Smart Devices

A smart home security system can take many different forms from a single motion sensor activating an outdoor light to scare off intruders to complex burglar alarms featuring door and window sensors, security cameras, and professional monitoring.

Any local supermarket or hardware store will have a range of DIY security options including wireless burglar alarms that can be connected to other smart home devices, and contact sensors that can be placed near entry points.

Professional assistance

However, although there are certainly benefits to some of these products such as a video doorbell, if you are serious about your home protection, it is recommended that you use the services of a professional security firm to ensure your system is as effective as possible.

Our Services

Using our years of experience in the security industry, a Prime Secure engineer will be able to help you optimise your home security system, making recommendations for the best place to position your wireless burglar alarm and motion sensors to avoid false alarms and give you the best chance of preventing a break in.

We may also recommend smart locks, a panic button, or an alarm monitoring service to domestic customers at an affordable price if we believe that it would be beneficial.

Construction Sites

One of the biggest markets for wireless alarm systems and other wireless smart security system technologies in the UK is the construction industry.

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves and vandals as many thousands pounds worth of expensive materials, equipment, and tools are on site at any one time.

It is impossible to remove all these items from the premises overnight and for this reason, construction site managers are only too used to dealing with the consequences of break-ins and stolen goods.

Every year in the UK, the construction industry loses around £800m in replacing stolen items and repairing vandalism.
This makes having effective security vital to a profitable project.

Why are wireless alarms needed on construction sites?

Unfortunately, many traditional security measures are impractical on many construction sites.

Many plots are extremely large and employing enough security staff to cover the entire area is far too expensive to consider, whilst a lack of access to mains electricity makes wired CCTV and alarm systems impossible.

For this reason, the construction industry has benefitted more from wireless alarm systems and mobile security technology than any other sector.

CCTV towers

One of the best wireless security measures for a construction site is a mobile CCTV tower that is powered via battery, and can be placed in almost any location, no matter the terrain.

At Prime Secure we are industry leaders in mobile CCTV towers that come with inbuilt alarm connectivity allowing for completely wireless alarm activation and live monitoring.

If the motion sensor on your CCTV tower is activated the system will automatically kick into action, recording crisp HD images in 360 degrees using our 4 top-of-the-range cameras, issuing an audible alarm warning to intruders, and alerting you as the owner via mobile app.

Professional Alarm Response

If you have a monitoring contract with us, available at a very affordable price via a monthly or annual fee, as soon as the device is activated a security expert at our alarm receiving centre will begin to monitor your live CCTV feed, and a team of security experts will be deployed to your site.

Having a professional team monitoring your smart alarms will give you complete peace of mind that should an incident occur whilst no one is on site, the incident will be dealt with in a professional manner by a team of fully trained security experts.

Wired or Wireless?

If you are considering installing a home alarm system on your property you may be wondering what the benefits are of choosing wireless burglar alarms over the wired versions.
To help you decide we have put together a quick guide to the pros and cons of wired vs wireless home burglar alarms.
Pros of wired security systems
  • Reliability
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Less chance of interference
Cons of wired security systems
  • More likely to be tampered with (Cut wires etc.)
  • Less flexible
  • Invasive installation
  • Longer installation
  • Vulnerable to power outages
  • Hard to move
Pros of wireless security systems
  • Simple to install
  • Low set up cost
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Immune to power cuts
  • Scalable
Cons of wireless security systems
  • Dependent on wi-fi (Some systems do run on 5G however)
  • Higher risk of being hacked (Unlikely to be an issue for domestic systems)
  • Susceptible to interference
  • Need to be recharged/batteries replaced

Overall, the flexibility and adaptability of wireless systems means that in the majority of cases, in regard to domestic homes, they tend to have a slight advantage over their wired alternative.

Wireless systems are also much easier to install and for those who are simply looking for a bit of peace of mind and to protect key entry points, the invasive procedure of installing cables inside walls that cannot easily be accessed is a lot of unnecessary hassle for very little added benefit.

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If you are looking for wireless alarm installation are advice from an SIA accredited security expert, Prime Secure are here to help.
Thousands of customers across the UK benefit every year from our industry leading remote security technology, helping keep their families, staff, and properties safe.

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Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.


Prime Secure operate the Fiver Initiative, our charity arm which sees us ring fence profits and encourage our CCTV clients to join us in donating to local charities and community organisations in the areas we work in.