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Prime Secure Access Control products - Connect, Tablet and Turnstile systems
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Prime Secure’s V-Stile biometric access control systems ensure only authorised personnel are granted access to your construction site. This virtual access control turnstile comes in various forms, from mobile and tablet devices, right up to being integrated into physical, lockable turnstile systems, the choice is yours.

Whatever your site requires, we can tailor a solution to specifically meet the unique challenges of individual construction projects.

Biometric access control systems are used across a variety of industries, but our system is specifically tailored for the construction industry and is capable of monitoring time and attendance.

‘Biometric’ means our systems use physical data of registered users so entry cannot be gained by simply supplying someone else with an employees key card like some systems.

Key features of our biometric access control systems are:

  • Rapid and reliable fingerprint analysis.
  • The gathering of important project data about your supply chain and labour.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of data collected, unlike paper-based recording systems.
  • Ability to complete and record accurate roll calls and toolbox talks.
  • Ensure CSCS cards and skills certificates are managed and in date.
  • Online record of your staff’s training and qualifications.

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Time & attendance

Our biometric time and attendance software will be tailored to your company’s requirements and provides real-time data to meets your business needs.


The system utilises the integrated fingerprint readers to collect and record accurate time and attendance data, helping to reduce the administrative burden of paper timesheets and bringing down the risk of human error and overall labour costs.


Through the online portal, you will have instant access to your live and historic data allowing for changes to be made with confidence. The reporting tools can be tailored to your individual and company needs, improving the quality of the information provided for the management of your project. Regular email alerts are also available, ensuring the information you require is delivered to your inbox when you need it.


Our Time and Attendance system covers every aspect of workplace management and can easily be customised to meet your company’s
needs; by utilising any number of the features below you have the flexibility to ensure the information you require is gathered and available at any time.

CSCS integration

Our access control systems are linked to the CSCS database and allow you to ensure that only personnel with the relevant CSCS documentation are allowed on site. At a glance, you can check on the CSCS card status of any individual, as well as their current skill certificates and training received.


Your construction site will no longer be at risk of being compromised by individuals with out-of-date CSCS cards.

Delivery management

Our cloud-based system is easy to use and allows site managers and suppliers to book, manage and record deliveries across multiple sites.


  • Easy management of available equipment at delivery gates to ensure efficient and safe deliveries.
  • Email confirmation of delivery slot booking.
  • Slots can be easily amended or cancelled to suit the site.
  • Store images of gates and site plans.
  • Record and manage FORS on vehicles delivering to your site.
  • Specify their delivery location e.g Gate 1, Gate 2 or Gate 3.
  • Check and sign off deliveries, with records stored online.
  • Additional delivery information can be added by supplier eg. Special requirements, missing items.
  • Collection of business travel data for calculating Carbon Footprint.


Mobile app

Designed for smaller sites where a biometric system is not warranted, the app allows for individuals to sign in and out from site as it is loaded onto the individual’s device and GPS is utilised to ensure users are on-site and reports are accessed through the secure cloud.


  • Assisted GPS to track the location of sign-ins and sign out.
  • Ideal for smaller sites (up to 5 individuals).
  • Available on all Android devices via the Google Play store.

Tablet app

Our touchscreen tablet integrates well within the modern dynamic site preparations, with the security of biometrics and cryptographic functions via its supported secure mobile broadband functionality. It offers the perfect platform for mobility, versatility and data security.

  • Android-based tablet with incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor and facial recognition.
  • Embedded secure element, cryptographic functions and secure device management.
  • Integrated NFC and contact or contactless smartcard readers.
  • Cellular (Voice & Data), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication.
  • Ready to host customer specific developments.
  • Withstands multiple drops from a height of 0.65 m (2.13 ft.).
  • Assisted GPS to track the location of sign ins and sign outs.

'Connect' interface

When you need a versatile device for unique environments and cannot compromise on offering superior usability, our fixed unit is the right solution for you.


The robust and secure device provides main site offices and single entry point sites with an ideal platform for recording time and attendance.


  • 2.5″ QVGA Color LCD Screen.
  • Programmable function keys for up to 16 time and attendance events.
  • Largest template capacity in the industry (500,000 in 1:1).
  • Powerful administration software.
  • Full IP and PoE Enabled (Optional Wireless LAN).
  • Field replaceable sensors.


Our Connect system also has the options of adding an LCD screen, which can be used to instruct users and give site-specific information e.g. notice of fire drills etc.

Card readers

Instead of biometric access, our Connect interface can be configured to work with pre-programmed cards to control site access.

Facial recognition

We can integrate facial recognition cameras to ensure only those who are authorised to access your construction site are permitted entry. 


Facial recognition access control systems for construction sites are ultra-effective as, while an individual may use an employee’s access card to gain entry, you can’t use someone else’s face.

Physical turnstiles

Nothing prevents unauthorised entry quite like our lockable turnstile systems. The lockable turnstile can be affixed to your existing perimeter security fencing and is easily moved, or for stationery access it can be housed in a shipping container for a more robust access control solution.


Full biometric access control and CSCS integration are delivered by our Connect system being integrated into your chosen turnstile. You can choose from the following turnstile options:


Half-Height Turnstile – A no-contact option perfect for controlling site access while minimising the spread of infection, a very popular option since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Full-Height Turnstile – Our classic option can be easily affixed to your existing perimeter security and is easily moved to suit your requirements as your site progresses over time.


Double Turnstile – Housed in a shipping container, this system offers a more robust access point, albeit at the cost of reduced mobility. Ideal for sites where the access point will not change over time.

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