Traveller, itinerant
and trespasser
removal services.

Our Traveller Eviction Teams are vastly experienced in removing unwanted settlers on behalf of landowners and managers.


We use Magistrates Warrants or Orders for Possession. Not only do we oversee your case’s progress through the courts, but we can also perform gentler acts of persuasion by organising a series of legal letters and site visits which can bring a swifter resolution to your traveller problem.

If you are a manager of a property, a landowner, or a local authority representative, and are responsible for the maintenance of fields or other pieces of land experiencing issues with the travelling community, then get in touch today and let Prime Secure start the process of evicting and removing your unwanted settlers.

Call Prime Secure on 0345 88 88 333 to find out more about how to legally remove travellers, itinerants and trespassers from your property.

Repossess your property

Our specialist Traveller Eviction Teams know all too well the stress and hassle caused by unwanted settlers trespassing on your land. Prime Secure will handle the process from start to finish, helping you navigate the courts, and performing the eviction once a legal ruling has been reached.

Traveller Eviction Specialists

Many members of the travelling community are intimately familiar with the laws surrounding their activities. A common claim by travellers who have illegally camped on your land is that they will use the Criminal Law Act 1977 in order to prevent you from evicting them from your land.

Rest assured that, while this may be a famous line of defence from a traveller point of view, our teams possess years of experience and know-how. We know how to gain access to your land, even if your unwanted travellers have chained, padlocked, or otherwise attempted to deny entry. We can also guarantee evictions, regardless of how well your travellers claim to know the law. The law is not designed to protect people illegally settling on your land, and we understand how to apply it effectively to ensure the desired result.

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